SALD-2300 - Applications

Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer

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Batch Cell Unit

  • Measures using small quantities of samples (particles being measured) and liquidmedia (dispersion media).
  • Organic solvents or acids can be used.
  • Less liquid waste is disposed of when using suspensions containing organic solvents or acids.
  • Vertical motion of the stirring plate inhibits settling of particles. A funnel made of tetrafluoroethylene resin is included to prevent spilling the suspension. This reduces the chance of getting it on hands or fingers and prevents contaminating the cell surface.

High-Concentration Sample Measurement System SALD-HC23

  • High-concentration samples can be measured using the laser diffraction method.
  • Measurement is possible by simply holding the high-concentration sample particles between two glass slides.
  •  Samples for which the particle size distribution would be changed by dilution can be measured in their original state, or with the minimum required level of dilution, and true images of the measurement object can be obtained.
  • Commercial hand creams, face creams, and rinses can be measured with hardly any pretreatment.

Cyclone Injection Type Dry Measurement Unit SALD-DS5

A cyclone type sample suction mechanism has been developed. Strong double dispersion process of suction and injection can be used. Measurement with high precision, high sensitivity, high reproducibility and high resolution

Sampler SALD-MS23 flow cell

  • Groups of particles are dispersed in a liquid medium and measured as they are circulated between the flow cell, which is placed in the measurement unit, and a dispersion bath in the sampler.
  • The dispersion bath incorporates a stirrer and an ultrasonic sonicator. A pump delivers the dispersed suspension to the flow cell.
  • The pump is specially designed to ensure both the liquid medium and the particles are circulated. A stainless ball of 2mm circulates and it is possible to measure it.
  • Most organic solvents can be used as dispersion media.
    The sample quantity is changeable. 100mL, 200mL or 300mL can be selected.

SALD-2300 Converting Wet system to Dry system