Two Available Analyzers - Select in Accordance with the Measurement

TMA-60 Total expansion

Simple to use for a variety of measurements

With the TMA-60, three types of measurement can be performed tension measurement, expansion measurement, and penetration measurement.
The sample support tube and the detection probe can be attached and removed with one touch, so the instrument can be used for diverse forms of measurement, and it can be maintained with ease.

TMA-60H Differential expansion

Can be used for low expansion measurements

With the TMA-60H, differential expansion measurement can be carried out using a reference with a known expansion coefficient, enabling higher accuracy measurement.

Loading modes that can be selected

Loading modes that can be selected

For More Comfortable Day-to-Day Measurement Work

Automatic analysis using the "Template Function"

Corrections, analysis, and layout setting of reports can be carried out automatically using the unique "Template Function."
This can be used not only during analysis but also prior to measurement. It will be automatically applied when the measurement is completed and saved.

Automatic analysis using the "Template Function"


Fusion bonding prevention mechanism

A safety mechanism is provided to prevent fusion bonding between the measurement rod and the sample when materials such as glass are heated. When the displacement exceeds a set range due to melting of the sample, the analysis is immediately stopped, and the load is removed from the sample.

Can be Used for a Wide Range of Measurements

High accuracy measurement of low expansion materials

Supports this measurement

A new high-accuracy low-drift displacement sensor has been adopted, dramatically improving measurement accuracy.
Even the low expansion metal Super Invar can be measured.


Large changes can be measured over a wide dynamic range

Supports this measurement


Measurement can be carried out over a wide span of ±5 mm, with high-accuracy measurements from very small to large deformation.
Samples with large deformation, such as separators in lithium-ion batteries, can be measured.

Film shrinkage stress can be measured

Supports this measurement

Shrinkage stresses can be measured with high sensitivity and high controllability.



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