Cooling furnace LTB-60(only for TMA-60 models)

Cooling furnace LTB-60

Used with a TMA-60 model, this enables measurements at temperatures from -150 to 600 °C. Liquid nitrogen is used for measurements below room temperature.

Tension chuck for fiber

Used for tension measurement of samples in fiber form.

Flow controller FC-60A (for all thermal analyzers)

The FC-60A flow controller is used to control the flow rate of atmosphere gases (of two channels). Since the gas ON/OFF control is performed according to a temperature program, the atmosphere can be automatically changed during a measurement.


Primary pressure 0.6MPa max.
Flow rate PURGE side: 0~500ml/min (calibrated for N2)
DRY side: 0~500ml/min (calibrated for N2)
Flow line PURGE: 2 IN, 1 OUT
DRY: 1 IN, 1 OUT
Size and weight W 180 × D 200 × H 90mm, approx. 3kg
Power supply 90~130V AC or 210~230 V AC, 100VA

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