CQ Vial for TOC - Applications

Certified Pre-Cleaned Vials for Total Organic Carbon Analyzers

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TOC concentration measured in water

Measurement Method

TOC concentration measured in water from both containers
TOC concentration measured
in water from both containers
  1. A large thoroughly-cleaned glass bottle was filled with ultrapure water. That water was dispensed from the bottle into a vial and the TOC level was measured in both the bottle and vial.
  2. Using the bottle water measurement results as blank data, the quantity leached from the vial was determined by subtracting the blank measurement results from the vial measurement results.
  3. Leaching was evaluated in that way a total of six times, including three times for vials (reused vials) cleaned using a laboratory equipment cleaning machine and three times using CQ pre-cleaned vials.

Measurement Result

Type Iterations
[B μg/L]
[V μg/L]
[V-B μg/L]
Reused vials 1
134.2 108.97
2 27.25 94.43 67.18
3 26.69 133.0 106.31
CQ vial 1 28.68 35.29 6.61
2 27.05 35.38 8.33
3 25.86 32.23 6.37

Note: Data is from a single example. Results may vary depending on usage conditions.

CQ vial were significantly more effective at inhibiting leaching than the vials cleaned in the cleaning machine.
Therefore, the use of CQ vial should be considered not only by customers measuring pure water, but also by customers that want to avoid contamination during vial cleaning, drying, and storage, and customers looking to save the time and space required for cleaning, drying, and storing vials.