[Carrier gas saver] mode reduces carrier gas consumption in a GC analysis!


Question:Helium gas (He) is a precious resource. What GC analysis method can reduce consumption of He.

Answer: Please use the Carrier gas saver mode of LabSolutions.

Example of Using the Carrier Gas Saver Mode in Continuous GC Analysis

This function reduces helium gas consumption by approximately 83 % per analysis using the following conditions.

・Analysis time: 30 minutes
・Split ratio: 100
・Carrier gas saver function: Split ratio 15 after 1 minute
・Column temperature: 100 °C
・Column: Inner diameter 0.25 mm, length 30 m, thickness 0.25 μm


Changing the Split Ratio during Analysis Using the Carrier Gas Saver Mode
This section illustrates how to use the carrier gas saver mode to change the split ratio at a specified time after sample injection to reduce the consumption of helium gas.

1. Read the method file

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