Bioplastic Packaging Materials

We are working to make our products and packaging materials more eco-friendly.
Starting in April 2020, some of the bags used to package accessories for the Nexera series ultra high performance liquid chromatograph systems will be changed to biomass plastic bags. These are made from 30 % “green polyethylene,” a plant-based plastic. Biomass plastic not only reduces the amount of petroleum-based plastic used but also reduces CO2 gas through the photosynthesis process where the growth of its main ingredient, sugar cane, increases. In addition, because fewer CO2 emissions are produced during manufacturing and other processes than in the production of petroleum-based polyethylene, the change is expected to contribute to the prevention of global warming.

Shimadzu is continuously improving energy efficiency and making all our products more compact to minimize the environmental impact throughout the entire product life cycle. At the same time, we actively procure parts and materials that reduce the environmental impact of packaging and other secondary materials.

Nexera Series Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph


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