Vertical Type Balancing MachineVG2/VT2 Series (2-Plane)

※You can choose a measurement device between GII type (mouse operation type) and TII type (touch screen type).

Ideal for measuring two-plane unbalances in small self-driven workpieces or workpieces with a hollow center.

Shimadzu VG2/VT2 series dynamic balancing machines are ideal for measuring unbalances in video head assemblies, hard disk drive assemblies, polygon mirror assemblies, or other small self-driven workpieces. It is also ideal for two-plane measurement of tires and other workpieces with a hollow center.


  • All measurement mechanisms are located below the work surface, making it extremely easy to load and remove workpieces.
  • A wide variety of workpieces can be measured by changing adapters.
  • Adapter attachment error can be electrically compensated.
  • Automatic workpiece loading and removal systems can also be installed (optional).
  • Series includes a range of models to measure workpieces weighing from a few dozen grams up to 50 kilograms.


Self driven

Model VG2/VT2-03NEII
Work piece weight (kg) 0.3 3 10
Max. Work piece diameter (mm) 80 200 300
Testing speed (rpm) (1) - - -
Drive motor (kw) - - -
Weight (kg) 50 300 300
Power supply - - -


Standard driven (1)

Work piece weight (kg) 0.3 3 10
Max. Work piece diameter (mm) 80 200 300
Testing speed (rpm) (1) 2600 2000 1260
Drive motor (kw) 0.06 0.4 1.5
Weight (kg) 50 300 300
Power supply 3-phase 100V 15A 1.5KVA 3-phase 200V 10A 3.5KVA 3-phase 200V 20A 7KVA


Standard driven (2)

Model VG2/VT2-30NEII VG2/VT2-50NEII
Work piece weight (kg) 30 50
Max. Work piece diameter (mm) 500 600
Testing speed (rpm) (1) 1000 600
Drive motor (kw) 2.2 3.7
Weight (kg) 700 700
Power supply 3-phase 200V 30A 10KVA 3-phase 200V 50A 18KVA
  1. Testing speed of self-driven workpieces varies depending on the feature of workpiece.

Note: Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.

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