December 13, 2022 | News & Notices Shimadzu Group CO2 Emission Reduction Targets are Validated at the SBT 1.5 °C Level

SBT:Science Based Targets

The FY 2030 Shimadzu Group CO2 emission reduction targets set by Shimadzu Corporation have been validated by the SBT (Science Based Targets) initiative as targets conforming to a level to limit air temperature increases to less than 1.5 °C in comparison to before the Industrial Revolution, in line with the Paris Agreement.

The SBT initiative is an agency established cooperatively by four organizations: CDP*1, UNDG (United Nations Global Compact)*2, WRI (World Resources Institute)*3, and WWF (World Wildlife Fund for Nature)*4. In order to achieve the above-mentioned target in line with the Paris Agreement, they encourage companies to set science-based CO2 emission reduction targets (SBT). In March of this year, Shimadzu revised the emission reduction targets for CO2 established in 2018.

  • Reduce CO2 emissions from Shimadzu Group business activities to net-zero level by FY 2050.
  • As interim targets, reduce CO2 emissions from Shimadzu Group business activities by at least 85% by FY 2030 and at least 90% by FY 2040, from FY 2017 levels.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions from customers using the products sold by the Shimadzu Group by at least 30% from FY 2020 levels, by FY 2030.

Energy saving efforts have been implemented continuously by the Shimadzu Group. Solar panels have been installed at Shimane Shimadzu and other locations in Japan, and at overseas subsidiaries in Malaysia and the Philippines for example. Major locations in Japan such as the Head Office/Sanjo Works in Kyoto and European and American Group companies are switching to 100% renewable power sources. In addition, we have certified environmentally friendly products as Eco-Products Plus, and have been contributing to reducing CO2 emissions by our customers.

CO2 emissions per unit of net sales refer to the CO2 emissions (in tons) generated per 0.1 billion yen in consolidated net sales at Shimadzu.

CO2 emissions per unit of net sales refer to the CO2 emissions (in tons) generated per 0.1 billion yen in consolidated net sales at Shimadzu.


  • *1: This international NGO was established in England to administer the world’s largest information disclosure program related to corporate climate change data, water, and forests.

  • *2: This initiative calls on participating companies and organizations to confirm, support, and transition to the implementation of universal principles in four fields: human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption.

  • *3: This international think tank performs investigations and research regarding climate, energy, foods, forests, and the sustainability of water and other natural resources.

  • *4: This environmental protection agency is active in more than 100 countries. Its mission is to protect biodiversity, use renewable resources, and reduce environmental pollution and wasteful consumption.


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