Shimadzu's Heritage

Since its founding in 1875, Shimadzu Corporation has been committed to commercializing new technologies and providing innovative solutions to customers in a wide range of fields. “Shimadzu’s Heritage” is a series of short articles looking back on the company’s history of contributions to science, technology and industry.


From Clocks to Aircraft, Gears Are Used to Control the Speed and Torque of Power Sources and Are Essential to Societal Progress

Gears are machine elements that convert and transmit torque from motors and engines to industrial equipment at useful rotational speeds. Societal progress is underpinned by the engineering found in every single gear wheel.



Hydraulic Equipment that Supported Japan’s Economic Growth

The ability of hydraulic components to transform a small force into a massive one played a key role in all types of industrial machinery and automobiles, and hydraulic equipment continues to support Japan’s economy today.



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