The increasing interest in biopharmaceuticals has resulted in significant growth in the cell culture market, as scientists demand optimal media to ensure the viability of their work. Cell culture media must contain a precise balance of components, such as glucose, glutamine, nucleic acid, vitamins, and other biologically important compounds and primary metabolites. Ensuring that cell culture media have the optimal formulation for growth and are free of impurities is vital to the success of biopharmaceutical development. The quality of the product depends on the quality of the media. Moreover, cell culture media is necessary in calculating product yield and cost of manufacturing. Cell culture products are used in biopharmaceutical research throughout the drug development process, from discovery to development and manufacturing. Biopharmaceutical companies, cell culture media manufacturers, biosimilar manufacturers and stem cell researchers all rely on precisely controlled cell culture media. To meet this demand, Shimadzu developed the triple quadrupole mass spectrometer LCMS-8060 and Cell Culture Profiling Method Package and C2MAP to make comprehensive cell culture analysis fast, easy and effective.

A Complete Analyzer Solution

C2MAP System   


Compounds analyzed by C2MAP

An experimental workflow can be both prospective (understanding the time-course change of culture medium components to find better composition for growth) or retrospective (comparing cell growth and composition of different culture medium products or lots).

Representative results of a time-course experiment demonstrate consumption and accumulation of critical media components.C2MAP TRENDS™ Software automatically outputs the tiled panel of time-course charts for each of the 95 compounds analysed (see list above), delivering users an intuitive glance at how the components change over time.

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