Checking Synthetic Compounds | Analytical/Preparative Automatic Switching System

Checking Synthetic Compounds

Analytical/Preparative Automatic Switching System

■ Improves Efficiency for Investigating Conditions and Scaling Up

The process to scale up to preparative work is complex:
Investigate separation conditions with an analysis column and conditions to increase load

Check reproducibility of the chromatogram pattern with a preparative column

Investigate fractioning conditions with a preparative column / Purity inspection including repeated chromatography with an analysis column

Automated continuous preparation with a preparative column

The Analytical/Preparative Automatic Switching System supports both the analytical and preparative scales, making it easy to investigate the preparative conditions. It also reduces the consumption of mobile phase solvent and sample and saves on operator training costs.
As an example, Fig. 1 shows the system overview and flow diagram of a system configured with an LC-8A pump.

Fig. 1 Analytical/Preparative Automatic Switching System

Failure to ensure accurate matching between the preparative sample and its chromatogram, or between a peak on the chromatogram and the vial from which the peak was fractioned (target component fraction), results in wastage of the compound obtained and can significantly affect the next stages. Open Solution open access-compatible software for LCMS/HPLC displays links between the vial rack diagram, preparative results, and fractioned vial to provide accurate and instant access to the preparative results.

Sample Screen in Open Solution

Preparative HPLC System


Shimadzu has sold more than 2000 preparative HPLC instruments around the world. By applying the technological expertise and the experience gained by extensive use by customers at various scales in various fields, Shimadzu aims to enhance the purity, speed, and economy of preparative HPLC.

Open Solution Open Access-Compatible Software


Open Solution is Web-based software that permits observation of analysis results and report printing from any networked PC. Open Solution fully exploits an open access environment in Internet Explorer to dramatically enhance the efficiency of analysis work.Open Solution offers the maximum efficiency gains for a minimum investment, as no special software installation is required on each PC.