AOAC INTERNATIONAL is a non-profit membership association of analytical science professionals in government, industry, and academia worldwide. They promote food safety and product integrity through standards, validated test methods, and laboratory quality programs. At the annual meeting of the AOAC, national regulatory authorities and companies participate to discuss the standardization of food inspection laws, the verification of analytical methods, and the latest developments. We presented posters and held science sessions on various analytical methods. Check out our highly informative posters.


Days August 25-30, 2023
Venue New Orleans Marriott
555 Canal Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130 USA
Web site 2023 Annual Meeting & Exposition





Posters / Applications

Food Contaminant

Food and Nutrition


Food Metabolomics

Food Fraud

Flavor analysis




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Food and Beverages


Food industry is the largest industry of the global economy and it includes various sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, production, processing, R&D, retail and more. It has global impacts and influences various other industries. Food is an essential part of our lives. With the current developments in the food industry, the demand, availability, access, and trends of food have evolved to better cater to our needs and wants globally. Above all, the safety and quality of food is key to provide the world with food that is safe and nutritious.