MUP-3100 - Consumables

Fully Automated Sample Preparation Module for Glycan Analysis

Required consumables

To ensure accurate dispensing, please use the following consumables. If non-designated items are used, they will not be covered by the warranty.

Product number (P/N) Product name Remarks Amount used per 24 samples
BS-43606Z Auto-EZGlyco™ mAb-N Kit for SHIMADZU Up to 24 samples (*1)
150-00017-41 5 mL tube (200 pcs) 1 pc
150-00017-45 0.3 mL vial (100 pcs) 1 pc
150-00017-43 50 mL bottle (300 pcs) 3 pcs
150-00017-44 100 mL bottle (100 pcs) 1 pc
150-00018-41 1000 μL pipette tip (96 pieces, 10 plates) 2 plates
150-00018-42 20 μL pipette tip (96 pieces, 10 plates) 2 plates
150-08164-42 Dispensing Accuracy Validation Kit for Auto-EZGlyco mAb-N Kit for SHIMADZU Dispensing Accuracy Validation, 1 dose (*2)


*1: This reagent kit is exclusively for the MUP-3100. Please note that it cannot be used for other purposes or manual pretreatment.
*2: This is a container set that includes the necessary number of containers for using the dispensing validation function. It is not intended for pretreatment with antibody glycan analysis kits.

Auto-EZGlyco is a trademark of SUMITOMO BAKELITE CO., LTD. and/or its affiliates.