A gas chromatograph is used for impurity analysis of intermediate or final products in various chemical fields. The table below shows our System GC lineup. Access detailed application information by clicking on.

Acetone Acetone and propylene aldehyde analysis system Nexis GC-2030ALD
Alcohol Alcohol in water analysis Nexis GC-2030ALW
Ammonia Ammonia at sulfur recovery unit in % level analysis system Nexis GC-2030NH3
Aromatics Trace saturates in high pure aromatics
(This conforms to UOP-868)
Nexis GC-2030TSHA1
Carbon number distribution of P-,N- and A-
(This conforms to UOP-870)
Nexis GC-2030CAD1
Non-aromatic hydrocarbons in aromatics Nexis GC-2030NAR
C10 or lower boiling aromatics Nexis GC-2030ARO1
p-DEB in C8 aromatics analysis Nexis GC-2030ARO2
Benzene in hexane Benzene in hexane and 1-hexene analysis system Nexis GC-2030BZ
Benzene Impurities in benzene analysis Nexis GC-2030BZ2
Benzene in hexane High purity benzene analysis Nexis GC-2030BZ3
Butene-1 and its impurities Trace hydrocarbons in butene-1 analysis system Nexis GC-2030THC
Isobutylene in 1-Butene analysis system Nexis GC-2030IBY
1-Butene in hexane analysis system Nexis GC-2030BTE
Hydrocarbons in propylene analysis system Nexis GC-2030HC
Chlorinated hydrocarbons Chlorinated hydrocarbon analysis system Nexis GC-2030CHC
Ethylene Glycol Ethylene oxide in MEG Nexis GC-2030EO
Ethylene glycol composition analysis system Nexis GC-2030EG
EO, EC, Glycol in MEG analysis system Nexis GC-2030EOEC
EC, DEG, TEG, TTEG in MEG analysis system Nexis GC-2030EGEC
Gasoline Octans and lower boiling hydrocarbons in olefin-free gasolines Nexis GC-2030LBH3
Lower boiling hydrocarbons in olefinic gasolines Nexis GC-2030LBH2
Hydrocarbons Gases in C2 Analysis (ASTM D2504) Nexis GC-2030HC3
Hydrocarbon gas analysis system  Nexis GC-2030HCG1
C6 and lower boiling hydrocarbons in olefin free naphthas Nexis GC-2030LBH1
Boiling point distributions of liquid hydrocarbons Nexis GC-2030BPD
Trace hydrocarbons in hydrogen/ hydrocarbons Nexis GC-2030HC4
Permanent gas Permanent gas analysis system Nexis GC-2030PGAS1
Permanent gas with CO/CO2 gas analysis system Nexis GC-2030PCC1
Permanent gas with CO/CO2 gas analysis system Nexis GC-2030PCC2
O2 – CO, Ar analysis system Nexis GC-2030PNC
High Sensitive CO, CO2, CH4 Analysis Nexis GC-2030CCC1
High Sensitive CO, CO2, CH4 Analysis Nexis GC-2030CCC2
High Sensitive CO, CO2, CH4 Analysis Nexis GC-2030CCC3
High Sensitive CO, CO2, CH4 Analysis Nexis GC-2030CCC4
High Sensitive CO, CO2, CH4 Analysis Nexis GC-2030CCC5
Trace CO and CO2 in hydrogen/ light gaseous hydrocarbons Nexis GC-2030CCC6
Propylene oxide Methanol, methylformate, and acetoaldehyde in propylene oxide Nexis GC-2030ALC
Formaldehyde in propylene oxide analysis system Nexis GC-2030FOR
Glycol, cumene, benzene in propylene oxide analysis Nexis GC-2030GCB
Sulfolane Hydrocarbons in sulfolane analysis Nexis GC-2030IMP
VOC in air
(working environmental)
Volatile organic compounds in atmospheric air analysis Nexis GC-2030VOC
Volatile organic phosphorus compounds Volatile organic phosphorus compounds analysis system Nexis GC-2030VOP
Water analysis H2O in gas sample analysis system Nexis GC-2030H2O
Xylenes Impurities in p-xylene analysis Nexis GC-2030PXY1
Impurities in p-xylene analysis Nexis GC-2030PXY2
Tarce impurities in xylenes Nexis GC-2030HC5

GC-2014 system is also available for some applications.

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