Greenhouse Gas Analysis - Features

Gas Chromatograph System

Robust Instrument Configuration

Samples acquired from rice paddies and other agricultural fields require robust instruments because they often contain high moisture levels. The greenhouse gas analyzer comprises multiple separation columns and detectors. Moisture and other substances in the atmosphere that do not need to be measured are separated by a pre-column and discharged out of a vent to prevent them from entering analytical columns. That also prevents oxygen from entering the ECD, which could cause premature deterioration of the ECD.

Supports Analyzing Multiple Samples

Measuring changes over time in large agricultural fields or other locations requires many samples, but sample acquisition time can be shortened by using sample vials, which are smaller and easier to handle than gas bags. The AOC-6000 Plus syringe injection system can be loaded with up to 108 sample vials to enable high-throughput analysis.

  • Supports Analyzing Samples Collected in Either Conventional Gas Bags or Compact Vials

    Supports Analyzing Samples Collected in Either Conventional Gas Bags or Compact Vials

  • AOC-6000 Plus Syringe Injection System

    AOC-6000 Plus Syringe Injection System

Extensive User Support Functionality

  • Automatic Gas Supply Switching

    By connecting main and spare gas cylinders to a gas selector*, the system continuously monitors the supply pressure from the main gas cylinder and then automatically switches to the spare gas cylinder if the main cylinder becomes empty. That prevents column damage caused by heat generated when no carrier gas is supplied and also reduces downtime.


  • gas selector

Automatic Shutoff and Automatic Startup Functionality

Gas flow and temperature are controlled automatically so that the system can be shut off or started up without anyone present. That means running costs can be minimized by reducing gas and electricity usage at night when it is not needed.

Reduces electricity and gas consumption

Electronic Gas Control with Advanced Pressure Controller (APC)

All gas flow is controlled electronically. That means the gas supply can be switched ON or OFF via the software during injection unit or FID maintenance. By creating a method file for stopping the APC for maintenance, the instrument can be switched to the maintenance mode easily.

  • Electronic Gas Control with Advanced Pressure Controller (APC)
  • Device
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