Greenhouse Gas Analysis - Specs

Gas Chromatograph System

A wide variety of systems are available depending on measurement targets and analytical objectives. For more information, contact your local Shimadzu representative.

Model name NARO way
Greenhouse Gas Analyzer
Jetanizer-FID & ECD System Conventional System
Features - Measures agricultural and other samples with many contaminants
- High-throughput analysis
- Packed columns & three detectors
- High-throughput analysis
- Two capillary columns & two detectors
- Conventional GHG Analysis
- Packed columns & two detectors
Selection guide - Large number of samples
- Good repeatability
- Good sensitivity of CH4 & N2O
- High instrument robustness due to pre-cutting
- Large number of samples
- Wide dynamic range of CO2
- Good sensitivity of CO2
- Small number of samples
- Good repeatability
- Good sensitivity of N2O
GC model GC-2030 GC-2030 GC-2014
Analysis cycle time 10 min 5 min 14 min
Detectors - FID - Jetanizer-FID - Methanizer-FID
- ECD    
LOD CH4: 0.1 ppm CH4: 0.4 ppm CH4: 1 ppm
CO2: 50 ppm CO2: 0.4 ppm CO2: 1 ppm
N2O: 0.05 ppm N2O: 0.1 ppm N2O: 0.05 ppm
Application Greenhouse Gas Analyzer Rapid Greenhouse Gas Analysis via the Nexis GC-2030 Gas Chromatograph Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Released from Soil Analyzer
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