System GC Sample Line Selector

The SLS-2020 GC system sample line selector can connect up to 12 gas lines used for analysis. Carryover effects can be minimized by using a purge gas.

1. Six gases can be connected.

One standard gas, one purge gas and up to 4 different actual sample gases can be connected. (When using two SLS-2020s, twelve gases can be connected.)

2. Purge gas minimizes carry over.

When connected, the purge gas purges all the lines, thereby minimizing carry over. Any position can be selected for the purge gas line.

Standard gas only goes through the red line to sample loop, since there are several resistance pipes.

No contaminant peaks will be observed after purging the line.

3. Shimadzu workstation software can directly control the SLS-2020.

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