Injection Port Septa

Name Parts Number Color Features
Xtra Life Septum Xtra Life Septum
(25 pcs)
227-35511-01 Brown Unique two-piece design ensures a leak-free seal and minimizes particulates generated from repeat injections. Ideal for trace-level analysis and lasts up to 10 times longer than standard septa.
- Maximum temperature (INJ setting temperature): 400 ℃
Premium Green Septum Premium Green Septum
227-35004-01 Green This low-bleed septum is heat resistant. It helps inhibit components bleeding even during high-sensitivity analysis. Made of crack-resistant material, it offers superior durability, sealing performance and solvent-resistance.
- Maximum temperature (INJ setting temperature): 350 ℃
Standard type Standard type
(20 pcs)
201-35584 White General-purpose septum
HT Septum HT Septum
(20 pcs)
221-48398-91 Brown - Suitable for high-sensitivity analysis at high temperatures
- Maximum temperature (INJ setting temperature): 450 ℃
LL Septum LL Septum
(20 pcs)
221-48972-91 Blue - Suitable for high-sensitivity analysis
- Maximum temperature (INJ setting temperature): 450 ℃
Enduro Blue Septum Enduro Blue Septum
(50 pcs)
221-75180 Light blue - Low-bleed
- Maximum temperature (INJ setting temperature): 350 ℃

A low-bleed septum is not completely free of bleeding. The type of bleeding that occurs varies with the septum and results in different patterns on chromatograms. Inthe case of high-sensitivity analysis, it is necessary to select a septum whose bleeding will not occur at a point that interferes with the peak of the target compound.Conditioning for several hours between 120 ℃ and 200 ℃ after extraction with hexane may help to reduce bleeding.
In the case of using a syringe for AOC, it is recommended to exchange the septum after about 100 injections. If the outside diameter of a needle of a gastight syringe is thick, it is recommended to exchange after about 50 injections.

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