LC/MS/MS Method Package for Sugars and Sugar Nucleotides

For LabSolutions™ LCMS

Sugars and Sugar Nucleotides

Shimadzu now offers a method package that includes pretreatment protocols and analytical methods specifically for sugars and nucleotide sugars.

Sugars are widely used as food ingredients and sources of carbon in animal cell/microorganism culture media, but the bioactivity of sugars can vary significantly depending on the type of sugar.
Sugar nucleotides (nucleotide sugars) are an activated form of monosaccharides that function as a glycosyl donor for glycans, glycolipids, mucopolysaccharides, and other substances within the body. The LC/MS/MS Method Package for Sugars and Sugar Nucleotides includes LC/MS/MS analytical methods with analytical conditions and MS parameter settings optimized for analyzing 25 different sugars, amino sugars, sugar acids and sugar alcohols, 9 different sugar nucleotides, related metabolites, and internal standards. In addition, the instruction manual includes examples of pretreating culture media, supernatants, and intracellular metabolites from cultured cells. With this method package, sugars and sugar nucleotides can be efficiently analyzed by minimizing pretreatments and method considerations.


List of Registered Compounds

 List of Registered Compounds 

Analysis Methods Optimized for Separating Isomers

Sugars and sugar nucleotides include multiple isomers. To separate and measure these respective isomers, many analytical conditions must be considered, such as the selection of an analytical column and optimization of the time program. This method package recommends the optimal analytical columns, mobile phases, and analytical conditions for separating respective isomers of monosaccharides, disaccharides, amino sugars, sugar alcohols, and sugar nucleotides, allowing users to begin analysis without the tedious process of reviewing all the possible condition settings.

MRM Chromatograms of Standard Mixture Sample


Support for Analysis Using Multi-omics Analysis Package



This method package includes a metabolic map that is compatible with the Multi-omics Analysis Package. By using both packages together, quantitative changes in the quantities of respective components can be easily visualized on a metabolic map. 




  • LabSolutions LCMS Ver. 5.120 or later is required.
  • This method package is intended for research use. It may not be used for clinical diagnostic applications.


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