LCMS-TQ RX Series - Features

Triple Quadrupole LC-MS/MS


LCMS-TQ RX Series CoreSpray Technology 

CoreSpray Technology
Heated ESI Probe
Heated ESI Probe
CoreSpray Technology
CoreSpray Technology


1, CoreSpray



Enhanced Ionization Performance

CoreSpray, a newly developed gas delivery system, improves performance and uniformity of nebulization with higher flows and better heat transfer.

  • 2, Heated ESI Probe

    The RX Series are equipped with a heat-assisted electrospray ionization probe. The resulting highly efficient desolvation process promotes the ionization of a wide range of target compounds. 

  • 3, IonFocus™ Unit

    All models are also equipped with Shimadzu’s unique IonFocus™ unit. The focusing electrode efficiently delivers ions into the mass spectrometer.



Ultrafast Sensitivity and Performance 

Shimadzu's RX Series expands the capability and productivity of triple quadrupole mass spectrometry with performance that can be relied upon. The RX Series has been designed to generate a highly focused ion beam from the ion source to detector bringing together advanced ion guide and collision cell technologies. The result is higher data quality that makes an impact on any LC-MS/MS assay. 




Peak Area Stability in Matrix: 20,000 Continuous Injections

CoreSpray technology applied to the repeated analysis of pesticides in black tea matrix resulting in enhanced robustness (%RSD less than 3.5%, 20,000 injections). Data generated without internal standards and without diverting to waste for the initial polar matrix effects.

Peak Area Stability in Matrix: 20,000 Continuous Injections




Maximizing Overall Workflow Efficiency

  • Intelligent tools to help your workflow efficiency generating higher productivity and better data quality.

  • Workflow



Instrument Check Analytical IntelligenxcePerformance Concierge

PERFORMANCE CONCIERGE makes tuning a mass spectrometer easier than ever before. A tuning standard is automatically introduced into the instrument to verify parameters, including mass accuracy, resolution, and signal strength. Based on these checks, tuning may be automatically initiated to ensure optimal performance. Should the criteria not be met, PERFORMANCE CONCIERGE will diagnose the issue and alert the operator of required maintenance and maximize uptime.

Instrument Check




Optimization of Acquisition Conditions

Automates MRM optimization to create high sensitivity quantitative LC-MS/MS methods. LabSolutions Connect MRM not only optimizes target component MRM transitions and collision energies but also maximizes the response for on column analysis. All optimized acquisition parameters are stored in a data base helping to accelerate both method development and routine analysis.






Startup Analytical Intelligenxce

Integrated intelligence on the Nexera LC series that allows you to increase column life-times and reduce consumables by enabling automated column equilibration for flow rates and temperature.




Data Analysis 

Peak Integration Analytical Intelligenxce

Peakintelligence for LCMS is a world-first AI driven peak integration algorithm requiring zero user settings. The impact is dramatic. Peakintelligence for LCMS delivers higher consistency in peak integration and results in higher data quality and with far less time manually reviewing data.







  • Pesticides
  • PeakIntelligence for LCMS was applied to the analysis of a panel of pesticides in a residue screening study highlighting consistent peak integration at low S/N or with overlapping components.



  • Peakintelligece for LCMS
  • PeakIntelligence for LCMS is an AI driven algorithm for component detection and peak integration without the need for any user parameter. PeakIntelligence for LCMS processing results in higher consistency in peak integration and reduces the time-consuming impact of manual review to achieve a more accurate, more reproducible peak processing.



Reviewing Data and Reporting Results

LabSolutions Insight supports a dynamic quantitative data review landscape with the tools to drive high confidence in result reporting by ‘review by exception’. Insight can be configured to check for any outliers outside the scope of user defined criteria for reporting results.


LabSolutions Insight



Easy Maintenance Shortens Instrument Downtime

The RX Series keeps the same user-friendly maintenance as its predecessors. Changing the ESI capillary and the desolvation line (DL), which transports ions into the vacuum region, are designed for quick and effortless replacement without breaking vacuum helping to reduce time spent on maintenance and increase instrument uptime.




Minimizing Global Environmental Impact

Highly Energy Efficient

Ecology Mode


The LCMS-TQ RX Series prioritizes environmental responsibility with its built-in ecology mode. This mode monitors system usage and automatically shuts down the instrument when idle for extended periods, reducing electricity consumption by an impressive 31%. Additionally, powering down peripheral LC-MS/MS equipment during non-analysis periods further minimizes energy use. These features contribute significantly to lowering operating costs and CO2 emissions while supporting the pursuit of a carbon-neutral future.

Reduced Waste to the Environment

The new oil-free addition to our rotary pump line eliminates the labor of oil changes, reduces overall oil consumption, and produces less environmental waste. Additionally, PERFORMANCE CONCIERGE and ecology mode minimize solvent and power consumption, reducing environmental impact.



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