Nexera series - Features

Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

Maximizing Reliability, Minimizing Down Time



Fully Unattended Operation from Startup to Shutdown

Nexera can be set to start up at a specified time, so that it can complete auto-purge, equilibration and baseline checks in advance, and be ready for analysis as soon as you arrive at the lab. Moreover, the system can be set up in advance to run without user intervention all the way from start up through analysis to shutdown.
You can view the status and predicted analysis completion time for multiple systems from any location via a smart device. None of these features requires any special software.

Auto-Diagnostics and Recovery

In rare cases, air bubbles can form in the mobile phase and cause problems if inhaled into the pump. Nexera has the ability to monitor baseline changes and pressure fluctuations to check for abnormalities.
When it detects an unusual fluctuation, it can automatically pause the analysis, purge the flow path, and restart analysis once it has confirmed recovery to normal pressure.

Auto-Diagnostics for Trapped Bubbles (Patent Pending)

If an air bubble becomes trapped in the pump head, it causes an abrupt drop in pressure, after which periodic pressure changes (pulsations) will occur. This can be detected using Shimadzu’s proprietary bubble detection algorithm which assesses these distinctive pressure fluctuations caused by trapped bubbles to distinguish them from any expected changes in pressure.


HPLC columns can be damaged by sudden pump starts and stops or extreme gradient changes. The Nexera automatically uses FlowPilot (Smart Flow Control) to increase the flow rate gradually to the set point. There is no need to create startup protocols for each analysis.


FlowPilot (Patent Pending)

The pump controls the flow rate according to oven temparature. The flow rate is gradually increased up to half of the set value.(①) The flow rate is kept constant until the oven is ready.(②) The flow rate is gradually increased up to the set value.(③)

Mobile Phase Levels Measured in Real TimeAnalytical Intelligence

Reservoir tray weight sensors (optional) can be used to monitor the volume of mobile phase or autosampler rinse solution in up to twelve containers. The containers can also be checked remotely from a smart device.
You will no longer need to worry about running out of mobile phase mid-analysis, because the device will notify you before starting the run if the volume remaining is too low.

Comparing Solvent Volume Measurements with Predicted Consumption (Patent Pending)

The required mobile phase volume is predicted at the start of analysis from the weight sensor's measurement data, the instrument configuration information (the mobile phase used and the rinsing liquid configuration), and the analysis method. If a shortage occurs, the user is notified.
Mobile Phase information Dialog

Mobile Phase information Dialog

Mobile Phase Check

Mobile Phase Check

Remote Monitoring and Integrated Lab Management ANALYTICAL INTELLIGENCE

Reliably Track Column Usage*

Columns used in analysis need to be traceable to investigate any influence they may have on results. With the Column Management Device (optional), each column is recognized by an individual ID, and stats such as pressure and injection number are automatically recorded in the database and linked to each measurement data file. The device can be linked to all columns regardless of their brand or type. The condition of a column can be checked directly with the column management software, so that you can start analysis without having to test column performance in advance. *To make use of this feature, a CMD compatible with the Nexera series and LabSolutions DB/CS are required.

Column Management Device (CMD) (Patent Pending)

The CMD (optional) compares the column information with the requirements of the analysis method and only begins analysis if they match. This device prevents mistakes in the choice of columns while at the same time storing the usage history of each column.
Column Management Device

Step 1

Manage all your columns from the database, which can display usage status, injection count, etc. on one screen. Information about the column used is automatically linked to the analytical results.

Step 2

Deterioration of columns can be checked visually by examining peak shapes. Each compound listed in the compound table can be directly overlaid on the chromatogram.

Check Chromatograms Online

Check Chromatograms Online
Monitor chromatograms currently being taken

View the operating status of instruments from a web browser using a smart device. This allows you to confirm parameters such as oven temperature and pump status directly from the web, and to monitor chromatograms in real time without returning to the lab. In addition, SHIMADZU LabTotal™ Smart Service Net (optional) saves operating data from your instruments in a cloud server. Error information, including the date and time the errors occurred, can be sent via email.

Allocate Resources Efficiently

Manage the overall operation of your lab with SHIMADZU LabTotal Smart Service Net (optional). Review and compare instrument usage to maximize available analysis time, and manage shared consumables through a common system. (Patent Pending)

Automating Workflow, Maximizing Throughput


Analysis Cycle Time Less Than 10 Seconds

The SIL-40 autosampler can process the entire injection cycle time in as little as seven seconds, twice as fast as the previous model. In addition, continuous analysis can be carried out on up to 44 MTPs (using 3 PLATE CHANGERS). Together these features dramatically increase analysis throughput.

8 injections can be completed within 1 minute (Caffeine)

Pharmacokinetic analysis requires not only speed but also high reliability at low concentrations. With its ultra-fast injection and ultra-low carryover, the SIL-40 autosampler delivers high reproducibility and reliability, even during an ultra-fast 30-second analysis.

Verapamil in plasma


Remote Instrument Maintenance Ensures Stable Operation

Each Nexera component automatically transfers the status of consumable parts, the traceability information of consumable parts after shipment from the factory, and various logs and error information to the SHIMADZU LabTotal Smart Service Net cloud system. Using this information, the system recommends the timing for consumable part replacement. Problems can be diagnosed remotely by Shimadzu service engineers. This means the system can be maintained in optimal condition and equipment management costs can also be reduced.


Compact and Inventive

Space-Saving Design

Space-Saving Design

The Nexera frees up bench space with a compact design two thirds the size of Shimadzu's previous model.

Energy-Saving Standby Mode

The Nexera uses over 80% less electricity when in standby mode, significantly reducing running costs and supporting an environmentally-friendly lab.

Dual Injection Enables Simultaneous Analysis

Injection ports for two separate flow paths can be installed, allowing two different types of analysis (such as analysis of amino acids, organic acids or vitamins) to be performed using one system.

Dual Injection Enables Simultaneous Analysis

Dual Injection (Patent Pending)

A second injection port and injection valve have been added. As a result, the sample can be injected independently into two analysis flow lines with a single needle, enabling the consolidation of a two-system analysis within a single system.

Intuitive touch panel

The large LCD touch panel on the SCL-40 system controller removes the need for a PC. As well as controlling the instrument and checking the analysis status, you can monitor chromatograms directly from the display. Note: If you prefer to link the system to a PC, the touch panel feature can be turned off. Please inform the service staff during system installation.

Status of oven temperature and flow rate

Status of oven temperature and flow rate

The display of chromatogram monitor

The display of chromatogram monitor

Stable Baseline

Baseline fluctuations can affect peak area calculation, reducing the accuracy of quantitative results. The SPD-M40 photodiode array detector’s “Advanced TC-Optics” function adjusts the temperature of the flow cell, lamp, and optical system to lessen the impact of external temperature changes. Noise and drift have also been reduced by 40% compared to the previous model.


Stable Baseline

SPD-M40 Temperature Control

Advanced TC-Optics (SPD-M40) (Patent Pending)

With the SPD-M40, in addition to conventional cell temperature regulation, the lamp and spectrometer, which are responsible for thermal effects on absorbance, are also thermally regulated, further reducing baseline fluctuations caused by the light source.


High-Sensitivity Impurity Analysis

High-Sensitivity Impurity Analysis

The SPD-M40 detector achieves an extremely high level of sensitivity and linearity (up to 2.5 AU). This allows quantitation of very lowconcentration impurities even in high-concentration samples. The UV cut-off filter installed in the detector prevents sample degradation due to UV light, helping to maintain good linearity at low concentrations.

Reduced Stray Light and Improved Measurement Circuits (Patent Pending)

With the SPD-M40, the measurement circuits have been improved, and the amount of stray light in the optical system, a cause for linearity errors, has been reduced (to less than 1/3 of the usual amount). As a result, the absorbance linearity has been improved to at least 2.5 AU.

Improvement of Quantitative Performance using UV Cut-Off Filter on SPD-M40

The UV cut-off filter resulted to be useful for quantitative determination of components that are easily degraded by wavelengths in the UV range, particularly improving quantitation accuracy in the low concentration range.

UV Cut-Off Filter

UV Cut-Off Filter in  use

UV Cut-Off Filter disabled



Superb injection precision over a wide range of volumes

Superb injection precision over a wide range of volumes

Obtain highly reliable data with the SIL-40 autosampler series, which provides excellent precision over all its injection volume settings for different column sizes and sample volumes.

Unique design to ensure reliable sample cooling

The SIL-40 series has a “direct access” function which allows extra sample vials or MTPs to be added even during analysis. Dry air flow control maintains the temperature inside the autosampler and protects the samples from condensation.

Dry air flow control (Patent Pending)
The sample rack structure controls the flow of cool air inside the autosampler. Even when the sample rack is pulled out, outside air is prevented from entering the autosampler. This protects the samples from condensation and temperature fluctuations.

Nexflow™ Technology
Improves UHPLC Analysis Performance

Proprietary Technology Minimizes Extra-Column Dispersion

Columns utilized in ultra high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) must suppress intra-column dispersion, provide excellent chromatographic separation, and support high-speed, high-separation analysis. However, the phenomenon of extra-column peak band dispersion often counteracts the enrichment of component peaks obtained with the column. The Shimadzu Nexflow technology* for the Nexera system minimizes the phenomenon of extra-column dispersion, without changing the inner diameter or length of the piping in the UHPLC system. By suppressing peak band dispersion, UHPLC analysis with a high degree of separation and high sensitivity is achieved.


Comparison of Extra-Column Dispersion in Flow Injection Analysis (No Column)

Comparison of Extra-Column Dispersion in Flow Injection Analysis (No Column)

Suppressing extra-column dispersion of the sample maximizes the column's inherent performance. The number of theoretical plates can be improved for components only weakly retained in isocratic analysis, in which extra-column dispersion dominates.

Ratio of number of theoretical plates


Improves Separation by Suppressing Dispersion

Minimizing extra-column dispersion improves the separation of adjacent peaks, improving the accuracy of qualitative analysis.

Improves Separation by Suppressing Dispersion


Compatible model for Nexflow

Unit Model Name
Pump LC-40D XR,LC-40B XR
LC-40D X3,LC-40B XR
F/W: version 1.10 or later
SIL-40C X3
Detector SPD-M30A
System Controller
F/W: Ver 1.60 or later
SCL-40, CBM-40, CBM-40 lite

Carry the Day with No Carryover

Ultra-low Carryover

The Nexera boasts ultra-low carryover, even on a high-sensitivity LC/MS/MS. This reduces time spent on rinsing, resulting in a shorter overall analysis time.

Ultra-low Carryover

Elimination of Dead Volume (Patent Pending)

Dead volume in the flow line will lead to carryover from sample residue. In the SIL-40 series, the sample loop and needle are connected linearly, eliminating dead volume, and reducing carryover. 

Carry the Day with No Carryover

Carry the Day with No Carryover


Time is saved and you will be able to
・Start the next batch earlier
・Run more samples
・Report results earlier

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