Shim-pack Velox SP-C18


Designed and intended specifically for use under low pH condition, Shim-pack Velox SP (Sterically Protected)-C18 offers a well balanced retention profile with a long life time even under harsh, acidic condition needed for LC/MS(/MS) analysis.

  • Sterically protected to resist strongly acidic (pH 1-3) mobile phase condition
  • Well balanced retention profile
  • Suitable for LC/MS(/MS) analysis

Low pH Stability

Sterically protected ligand provides extended low pH stability for the core shell particle. Shim-pack Velox SP-C18 columns maintain a stable retention profile under strongly acidic mobile phase condition (pH1) .

Simultaneous Analysis of 22 Preservative Agents

More than 20 compounds used as the preservative agent for industrial products like foods and cosmetics can can be separated by Shim-pack Velox SP-C18. The simultaneous determination and quantitation of multiple target compounds are possible in a wide range of commercial product within acceptable analytical times.


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