Shimadzu LC Driver for Waters Empower - Configuration

Empower Personal (Stand-alone type)

Empower Personal is a stand-alone type configuration. A PC includes a database and data acquisition functions. A single PC is connected directly to LC system(s), and a maximum of 4 LC systems can be controlled.

Empower Personal, stand-alone type, database, data acquisition functions

Empower Enterprise (Network type)

Empower Enterprise is a client-server (C/S) system, which allows any client PC on the network to control any HPLC. HPLC control and data acquisition are done through an acquisition server called LAC/E32, and the acquired data are stored in the database server. Analysis instructions and LC instrument status monitoring are performed from a client PC. Each Shimadzu LC system is controlled by TCP/IP protocol from a PC. If any problem occurs in a LC system on the network, other LC systems in operation are not affected.

Empower Enterprise, client-server (C/S) system, HPLC, acquisition server, LAC/E32

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