Co-Sense Series - Features

Liquid Chromatograph with online Sample Preparation

Co-Sense Series Features

Full Automation of Sample Processing

All sample processing steps are automated, from introducing the sample, purifying target components, concentrating, and desalting, to solvent replacement and collecting fractions in NMR sample tubes or delivering the sample to an LCMS system. Consequently, it not only increases productivity, but also eliminates operator errors inherent in manual processes. Also, since samples are processed serially online, even unstable samples can be measured reliably.

Improved Measurement Sensitivity

Because target components can be concentrated to levels several times to several tens of times that of conventional LC-NMR and LC-MS systems, NMR and MS spectra with high S/N ratios can be obtained in a short time and measurement throughput is increased.

Optimized HPLC Conditions

Since separation by HPLC is not dependent on NMR measurements, optimal separation parameters can be specified. Therefore, there is no need to evaluate parameters based on NMR considerations. This reduces the amount of work involved in setting parameters.

Easier to Operate

Systems are controlled using software with a graphical user interface. This makes the software easy to operate and allows confirming the system operating status at a glance.

Reduced Solvent Consumption

The Co-Sense for LC-NMR system uses normal inexpensive solvents for fractionation processes, which can consume large amounts of solvent. In contrast, it uses only small amounts of expensive deuterated solvents, which contributes to operating cost reduction.

The name "Co-Sense" means a collaboration of senses, which is the concept of the product. It represents the user and manufacturer working together to create new value.

System Variation

Analysis of ultra-trace impurities or components in complex matrices

nalysis of low molecular weight compounds in biological samples

Structural Analysis of impurities using Mass spectrometry

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