Nexera FV - Configuration

Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph for Online Dissolution Testing

Parts Related to the SIL-30ACFV

P/N Description Q'ty
228-45011-XX System Controller CBM-20Alite 1
228-45162-XX Solvent Delivery Unit LC-30AD 1
228-45205-58 Low Volume LPGE Unit for LC-30AD 1
228-45019-XX On-Line Degasser DGU-20A5 1
228-45041-91 Reservoir Tray 1
228-65116-XX Autosampler SIL-30ACFV 1
228-54093-91 Rinse Coupling Kit 1
228-45010-XX Column Oven CTO-20AC 1
228-45130-XX UV-VIS SPD-20A UFLC Version 1
LC Workstation PC 1
LC Workstation LabSolutions Software Package, Single LC