Nexera FV - Features

Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph for Online Analysis

Compatible with Online Analysis of Flow Synthesis

Online analysis can be performed by injecting reaction mixture into the flow through vial in the autosampler during flow synthesis. With simple settings using LabSolutions FV, the sampling program can be configured to collect samples at set intervals, enabling continuous monitoring. If high-speed separation analysis via the UHPLC conditions is used, the system can accommodate sampling at intervals as short as 5 minutes.

Compatible with Online Analysis of Flow Synthesis

Synthetic evaluation

Confirmation of the status of continuously manufactured products

Reduces the Cost and Risk of Batch Reaction Monitoring       

The reaction mixture can be injected from the batch synthesis flask into the flow through vial by combining an autosampler with an external syringe and valve. High-concentration samples can be automatically diluted with the autosampler pretreatment function, and then injected into the column. Automatic sampling of reaction mixture reduces the manual sampling time and eliminates the risk of human error during sample collection, making reaction monitoring even more efficient and increasing data reliability.

Reduces the Cost and Risk of Batch Reaction Monitoring


Confirmation of changes over time in products

Confirmation of changes over time in products


Simultaneously Provides Labor Savings and Faster Speeds in Dissolution Testing

Everything is automated in dissolution testing systems containing the Nexera FV, from sampling, dilution, and other pretreatments to data acquisition, data analysis, and the creation of reports. As a result, there is less hands-on work for the operator, thereby supporting an increase in processing throughput. Further, there is no manual dispensing of samples, so sampling mistakes are eliminated, enabling safer testing.

Dissolution tester and filter station

Typical System Configuration for Online Dissolution Testing

Typical System Configuration for Online Dissolution Testing


Two Analysis Modes Promote Faster Online Analysis


Direct Injection Mode: Exclusively with the Nexera System

This mode directly injects and analyzes the test solution sent from the reaction flask or dissolution tester vessels. It is effective if the analysis of the injected reaction mixture or test solution is completed by the next sampling interval. This analysis mode can be selected because the Nexera FV is compatible with UHPLC analysis.

Fraction Mode


Fraction Mode: For Confirmation at Short Sampling Intervals

This analysis mode is used for tests in which the sampling interval is short. Thanks to the high-speed operation delivered by the Nexera autosampler, the system is compatible with sampling intervals as short as 5 minutes. Up to 384 samples can be fractionated. This is effective when dilution will be required.

Fraction Mode:


Reliable Performance Expands the Range of Choices

Automatic Dilution of High-Concentration Samples

Dilution rate


High-concentration samples often require dilution. Samples can be diluted online using the fraction analysis mode. High injection accuracy is provided even at trace quantities, enabling reliable automatic dilution. The table to the right shows the dilution accuracy of standard solutions using Nexera FV's automatic dilution method. (Sample: Aqueous caffeine solution)

Automation of sample dilution and mixing



Automatic Addition of Internal Standard Substances

Area ratio repeatability


Internal standard substances are sometimes added to samples for the purpose of yield calculations. Using the Nexera FV automatic pretreatment function, a set amount of an internal standard substance can be automatically added to and mixed with the injection sample, after which the mixture can be injected onto a column.

Simultaneous injection of internal standard substances


One System Plays Two Roles, Significantly Improving the Throughput of the Testing Lab

The Nexera FV is a multipurpose system since not only can it be used online as an LC by connecting it with a reaction vessel and dilution tester, but also as a standalone UHPLC system. This maximizes the equipment operation rate, increasing the utilization of laboratory assets.

multipurpose system


Long-Lasting Consumables Provide for High Cost-Effectiveness

Flow through vial


A special septum is used for the flow through vial that receives the dissolution medium. It boasts a better degree of adherence after needle penetration in comparison to a regular septum, and can be used for 200 continuous injections without leaking.* This greatly reduces maintenance, enabling continuous testing.

*The replacement period varies depending on the usage conditions.

Heightening the efficiency of online analysis work

LabSolutions FV

Easily Implement Batch Synthesis, Flow Synthesis, Dilution Tests, and Other Online LC Analyses

When monitoring is performed with an online LC, one of the laborious tasks that must be performed is the creation of an analysis schedule corresponding to the sampling conditions. The special LabSolutions FV software provides strong support for a range of time-consuming tasks prior to starting analysis. In a single software window, not only can the user configure the LC analysis conditions, sampling interval, and other necessary information, but the LabSolutions analysis schedule can be created automatically, so online LC analysis can be started just by clicking the Start button. This reduces the time and labor expended prior to starting analysis and, at the same time, reduces the risk of analysis failures due to setting mistakes, thereby contributing to a more efficient workflow and improved data reliability.

  • Automatically creates analysis schedules in accordance with the sampling conditions.
  • Implements fraction and dilution automatically with the autosampler pretreatment program.
  • Sampling can be started by an external signal input or at a specified time.
LabSolutions FV


Heightened Efficiency of the Entire Monitoring Analysis Workflow

Generally, in the later part of an online analysis schedule, the sampling interval becomes larger, and the LC instrument remains idle for longer periods. Using the automatic analysis insertion function provided by LabSolutions FV, when idle periods arise during sampling, LC data analysis of samples that have already been sampled is automatically conducted during the set analysis schedule, heightening the efficiency of the entire online analysis.



Online Confirmation of Analytical Results with Trend Plots

Using the multi-data report function, which can create and output reports in a spreadsheet-like format, the results for changes over time to the yield of the principal components of the synthesis, the creation of intermediate products, and the dilution rate in dilution testing can be output automatically.

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