Nexera FV - Features

Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph for Online Dissolution Testing

Provides Labor Savings and Faster Speeds in Dissolution Testing

System Configuration for Online Dissolution Testing

With the Nexera FV, the dissolution tester and the autosampler are connected online, so everything is automated from sampling to dilution to data acquisition and analysis. There is no manual dispensing of samples, ensuring reliable results.

Flow Vials Provide Automated of Dissolution Testing

Dissolution medium from the dissolution tester flows directly into flow vials loaded into the autosampler. A bubble suppression design has been adopted for these flow vials, enabling high-accuracy sampling of dissolution media. Depending on the dissolution tester used, 8 or 12 flow vials can be loaded.

Sufficient to Quickly Dissolving Samples Tests

Two Analysis Modes Promote Faster Dissolution Testing

Direct Injection Analysis Mode: Exclusively with the Nexera System

If the analysis of the dissolution sample set finishes before the next sampling time, the medium can be injected directly from the flow vial connected to the dissolution tester, for use in analysis.

Fraction Analysis Mode: For Confirmation of Dissolution Profiles Equivalent with UV Spectrophotometers

This analysis mode is used for tests with very short dissolution sampling intervals. Up to 768 samples can be fractionated. This mode is also effective when dissolution quantities are large and dilution is required. Sampling intervals as short as 5 minutes are realistic.

Reliable Performance Expands the Range of Choices

Compatible with High-Concentration Samples Requiring Dilution

High dissolution quantity samples often require dilution. Samples can be diluted by using the fraction analysis mode. High injection accuracy is provided even at trace quantities, enabling reliable dilution even without manual handling.
The data shows a comparison between a standard liquid (aqueous caffeine solution), with the dilution ratios manually adjusted by an experienced engineer, and a standard liquid automatically diluted by the Nexera FV. This data shows that the system can perform dilution reliably.

Dilution Ratio (Times) Dilution Accuracy (%)
2 100
5 100
10 101
20 101
50 101
100 102

One System Plays Two Roles, Significantly Improving the Throughput of the Testing Lab

The Nexera FV is a multipurpose system for on-line dissolution testing and high-efficiency UHPLC analysis, such as compound screening.

Provides High Cost Effectiveness in Testing Thanks to Consumables with a Long Operating Life

A special septum is used for the flow vial that receives the dissolution medium. It boasts a better degree of adherence after needle penetration in comparison to a regular septum, and can be used for 100 continuous injections without leaking. This greatly reduces maintenance, enabling continuous testing.

Substantial Improvements in Work Scheduling

Special Software Makes Testing Preparation More Efficient

DT-Solution Software Supports the Creation and Implementation of Test Schedules

With dissolution tests, one of the most labor-intensive processes is establishing a batch schedule for the test. The custom DT-Solution software eases the burden. The user can configure all the required information in a single window. Then, click a single button to automatically generate a batch schedule in LabSolutions so that testing can smoothly start.

Rapid Confirmation of Test Results and Automatic Generation of Reports

The browser function built into LabSolutions is convenient for assessing changes in the chromatogram over time. Multiple data set can be displayed simultaneously in a single window, so the data can be compared at a glance. In addition, the creation of reports on the test results can be completely automated with the multi-data report function. When the test finishes, a result table, pivot graphs, and test pass/fail judgments for each component are created automatically, so the test results can be rapidly confirmed.


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