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Preparative Purification Liquid Chromatograph

The LH-40 Liquid Handler, Combination of Autosampler and Fraction Collector

LH-40 Liquid Handler


Syringe Kit 20 mL

This kit enables large-capacity injections of 2 mL or more at one time. The maximum injection volume is 20 mL.

Washing Pump

This reduces the washing time for the injection needle, increasing throughput while reducing carryover.

Analysis Kit

The recovered fraction can be reanalyzed to check the purity.

Liquid Surface Detection Needle

This detects the liquid surface level, and automatically determines whether there is any sample present. As a result, only the remaining volume is injected, which prevents the injection of air into columns. Additionally, if no sample is present, the system can proceed to the next sample, reducing needless errors and lost labor.


Multi-Liquid Handler Kit*1

Up to six LH-40 liquid handlers can be connected, making it easy to inject the sample from all LH-40. *1 Up to one LH-40 when FRC-40 fraction collectors are connected.




Sample Racks

Sample Racks 



Sample Coolers

Block Cooling/Heating: 4 to 70 °C)


Manual Injecto


Optional Sample Loops (Material: SUS)

Volume Part Number(P/N)
100 μL 228-32211-16
200 μL 228-32211-17
500 μL 228-32211-18
1 mL 228-32211-19
5 mL 228-32211-21


  LH-40 SIL-10AP
Maximum Injection Volume Up to 2 mL, up to 20 mL (Optional available) Up to 5 mL
Cooling Function None Yes (Optionally available)
Compatible Containers and Quantities
10 mmO.D. test tube    540 pcs 1.5 mL vial 486 pcs*2
12 mmO.D. test tube 486 pcs 4.0 mL vial 252 pcs
13 mmO.D. test tube 360 pcs 13 mL  vial 108 pcs
15 mmO.D. test tube 252 pcs 50 mL  vial 54 pcs
17, 18 mmO.D. test tube 216 pcs 250 mL bottle 20 pcs
25 mmO.D. test tube 108 pcs    500, 1000 mL bottle 12 pcs
30, 35 mmO.D. test tube 54 pcs 96 well MTP/DWP 9 pcs
1.5 mL vials 100 pcs
4.0 mL vials 80 pcs
13 mL vials 25 pcs
Compatible Containers and Quantities W 390 x H 560 x D 730 mm, 40 kg W 260 x H 280 x D 320 mm, 18.5 kg

*2 Available for injection sample container. Not available for fraction container.

FRC-40, Highly Flexible Fraction Collector

Fraction Collector

Sample Racks

A variety of containers can be placed including MTPs, vials, and various types of test tubes. Six colors are available, so a separate color can be apportioned to each user in order to avoid confusing samples.

Sample Racks

Multi Fraction Collector Kit

Up to six FRC-40 fraction collectors (up to five LH-40 liquid handlers) can be connected, making it easy to increase the number of fractions.

Column Hub Column Holder Column Holder SLIM


Compact Design for Small-Volume Samples


Compact Design for Small-Volume Samples


For smaller scale collection, or specialized applications that require enclosure and cooling, the FRC-10A is a compact fraction collector that provides time and signal based triggering. A variety of programmable fractionation functions enable target components to be collected with high purity and high recovery.。


  FRC-40 FRC-10A
Maximum Flow Rate 150 mL/min
Fractionation Mode Configured through a combination of basic mode (initial parameter mode) and time program mode (14 parameters)
Cooling Function None Yes (Optionally available)
Compatible Containers and
10 mmO.D. test tube 540 pcs 4 mL vial 252 pcs
12 mmO.D. test tube 486 pcs 15 mL vial 108 pcs
13 mmO.D. test tube 360 pcs  50 mL vial 54 pcs
15 mmO.D. test tube 252 pcs  250 mL vial 20 pcs
17, 18,  mmO.D. test tube 216 pcs 500, 1000 mL vial 12 pcs
25 mmO.D. test tube 108 pcs 96 well  MTP/DWP 9 pcs
30, 35 mmO.D. test tube 54 pcs
10 mmO.D. test tubes 144 pcs
18 mmO.D. test tubes 164 pcs
35 mmO.D. test tubes 16 pcs
Size and weight W390 × H560 × D730 mm, 30 kg W 260 x H 280 x D 420 mm,15 kg
* Depends on the type of racks used.

Example of Scaling Up from Analytical to Semi Preparative Work

Example of Scaling Up for Parabens

This is an example of scaling up in which seven types of parabens are targeted using a 150 mm long column with a particle size of 5 μm.
The gradient elution conditions investigated at the analytical scale are transitioned to the semi-preparative scale. A comparable chromatogram is obtained at both scales.

Column: Shim-pack Scepter C18-120 (4.6 mm x 150 mm,5 μm)
Column: Shim-pack Scepter C18-120 (20 mm x 150 mm,5 μm)

Suited to the Target Preparative Method

Column Hub
Column Holder
Column Holder SLIM

Preparative columns with an I.D. of 20 mm to 50 mm as well as manual switching valves can be attached. The valves can be used for column switching.


  Installable Valves Installable Columns Size
Column Hub Automatic Switching Valves Up to 4 pcs Preparative Columns 2 pcs Analytical Columns 6 pcs* W 260 x H 560 x D 500 mm
Column Holder Manual Switching Valves Up to 4 pcs Preparative Columns 2 pcs Analytical Columns 1 pc W 250 x H 465 x D 400 mm
Column Holder SLIM Manual Switching Valves Up to 5 pcs Preparative Columns 2 pcs Analytical Columns 1 pc** W 110 x H 625 x D 500 mm

* When attaching three or more analytical columns or two preparative columns to the column hub, the optional "Column Bracket" is needed.

** If two preparative columns are attached using the column holder SLIM, the optional column clamp ASSY (P/N: 228-17701-94) is required.

Column Holder, Column Hub

For Multiple Detection Triggers

A/D Conversion Board Kit

This is required for preparative work using multiple detector triggers. Expand the hardware to suit the number of detection trigger channels required.

Degassing Units

DGU-403 / DGU-405

  • A low-capacity degassing unit that uses a special fluororesin membrane.
    DGU-403 : 3 flow lines, DGU-405 : 5 flow lines
  • The maximum operating flow rate per flow line is 10 mL/min.
  • Designed for use in analytical and preparative fractionation, this unit is used only when retention time reproducibility needs to be improved during analysis.

* When connecting to an LC-20AP, a connection kit must be obtained separately.
* LC-20AR connection kit is required when the operating flow rate is more than 10 mL/min.

Helium Degassing Unit


  • Eliminates air bubbles, baseline undulation, drifting, etc. by purging dissolved air from mobile phases.
  • The DGU-10B can be used to degas up to four mobile phase solutions with helium gas.
  • This unit is switched ON/OFF from the solvent delivery unit or system controller.

High-Pressure Flow-Line Selection Valves

FCV-20AH2 / FCV-12AH

  • The valve position is controlled by event signal input.
  • Valve type: 2-position/6-port rotary valve (recycle valve : 2-position/3-port valve)
  • Maximum operating pressure: 34.3 MPa
  • Operating pH range: pH 1 to 10
  • Operating temperature range: 4 to 35°C
  • Storing the FCV-12AH in the Option Box helps reduce the volume of preparative piping, including the recycling flow lines.


Low-Pressure Gradient Unit


  • This low-pressure gradient unit is for the LC-20AP large-volume solvent delivery pump.
  • A gradient can be produced with a single pump, enabling gradient preparative work at low cost.
  • A single unit is capable of providing up to a four-liquid gradient as well as solvent switching, reducing the work involved in mobile phase investigations during method development.

Low-Pressure Gradient Unit

Reservoir Selection Valves

FCV-11AL / FCV-11ALS / FCV-230AL

  • Capable of switching solvents using solenoid valves.
  • The FCV-11AL/FCV-11ALS provide switching between two solvents. The FCV-11AL can supply up to three solvent delivery units, whereas the FCV-11ALS is used for one unit. It can be controlled from the LC-20AP/20AR front panel directly or through a system controller CBM-20A/20Alite and workstation software.
  • The FCV-230AL provides switching between two solvents (optionally four solvents). It can be controlled from the LC-20AP/20AR front panel directly or through a system controller CBM-20A/20Alite and workstation software.

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