Nexera XS inert - Configuration

Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

Full-range of Bio-inert UHPLC Capabilities

The Nexera XS inert system eliminates the risk of sample adsorption or surface corrosion, while still providing all the exceptional features of the Nexera series, making it the perfect solution for a wide variety of applications.


Nexera XS Inert
Solvent Delivery Unit

Finger-Tightened Fittings for Simple and Secure Connections

Nexera XS inert systems feature tubing connections with unique finger-tightened fittings. They can achieve joints with up to 105 MPa of pressure capacity by finger-tightening and without creating any dead volume.

FingerTightened Fittings for Simple and Secure Connections


Flow Channel Switching


All valves used in Nexera XS inert systems are designed to inhibit metal adsorption. That ensures worry-free switching between multiple columns for method development or even for trap-and-elute analysis without being concerned about adsorption.

Flow Channel Switching Valves for Metalabsorbing Compounds