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Improving the Efficiency of Process Steps in Analytical Method Development

LabSolutions™ MD

When evaluating manufacturing processes or testing the stability of pharmaceuticals, separating principal components and impurities in chromatograms is very important for characterization analysis and quality control, but establishing the appropriate separation parameters requires a significant amount of time and effort. LabSolutions MD enables efficient development of analysis methods using an Analytical Quality by Design (AQbD) approach based on scientific evidence and risk. All steps involved in the screening, optimization, and validation phases of the method development process can be completed using LabSolutions MD, from analyzing samples by automatically switching between respective mobile phases and columns to using the analytical results to build a design space, deciding the optimal analytical condition settings, and then evaluating robustness (validation).

LabSolutions™ MD


Improves Efficiency of High-Sensitivity Analysis and Characterization of Oligonucleic Acid

LabSolutions Insight™ Biologics

LabSolutions Insight Biologics is a dedicated software platform for oligonucleotide characterization using the LCMS-9030 or LCMS-9050 quadrupole time-of-flight type (Q-TOF) mass spectrometer. Main product and impurity identification includes several core editors for sequence, nucleotides, linkers, ribose and base modifications. Together with processing and integration for target modifications, Insight Biologics is a comprehensive workspace for data review, processing, and reporting. Because the Nexera XS inert system prevents the adsorption of target components to metal surfaces, combining it with LabSolutions Insight Biologics creates an ideal setup for oligonucleotide characterization.

LabSolutions Insight™ Biologics


Unique Functionality Reduces Data Analysis Work


The process of identifying peaks obscured by baseline undulations or noise, identifying shoulder peaks with inadequate separation, and so on, can be very tedious and produce results that vary depending on skill level. Shimadzu's unique i-PeakFinder peak integration algorithm is perfect for accurately detecting peaks in troublesome chromatograms.

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