Nexera UC - Applications

Supercritical Fluid Extraction / Supercritical Fluid Chromatograph

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Fully automated on-line sample preparation and analysis

Nexera UC on-line SFE-SFC is a revolutionary system that combines on-line SFE and SFC in a single flow path.
Target compounds are extracted from solid samples and then automatically transferred to SFC/MS so that no human intervention is required. The Nexera UC on-line SFE-SFC system reduces the time for pretreatment of samples and acquires highly accurate data.

Prevent degradation of labile compounds

With conventional solvent extraction, labile compounds may react with extraction solvents or could be oxidized and/or degraded.

Analysis of biomarkers from dried blood spots (DBS)

Nexera UC can extract a trace amount of liquid samples. For biomarker validation, the preparation requires simply enclosing a blood spot in the 0.2 mL special extraction vessel.

Only a few simple preparation steps for cleaning validation

Nexera UC can be applied to cleaning validation which is performed in the pharmaceutical industry to confirm that manufactuaring equipment has been properly cleaned. Nexera UC automatically runs a series of steps from extraction to analysis, by only putting the sample swab in the extraction vessel. In conventional cleaning validation, the sample swab needs to be extracted with water, and then the extraction is analyzed by TOC. However, when a target compound is hydrophobic, swab extraction is performed with ethanol and TOC is not applicable. Nexera UC is capable of performing both types of cleaning validation.

Supercritical fluid extraction of trace additives in polymers

Polymer additives are widely used to prevent optical or thermal degradation, or to enhance functionalities. An example, Irganox 1010, is insoluble in THF or Chloroform, and hard to sublime. Therefore, analysis by GPC or GC is difficult. By simply homogenizing a sample and enclosing it in the extraction vessel, Nexera UC can detect labile or trace quantities of additives.