Kit Contents

Reagent A (1 bottle), B(10 tubes), C(1 bottle)

Number of samples

Sufficient for 10 experiments/kit
-Solid-phase reaction: Sufficient for 10 separate samples/experiment, 100 samples/kit
-Liquid-phase reaction: sufficient for 50 separate samples/experiment, 500 samples/kit

Derivatization Targets

Released N-linked glycans (including labeled forms)

Storage Temperature

2-8 ºC

-For solid-phase reaction, glycan purification beads are required but not included in SialoCapper-ID Kit.
Recommended:Sumitomo Bakelite BlotGlyco® BS-45414 (for 10 samples)、BS-45415 (for 50 samples) 、BS-45407 (for 100 samples)
-For liquid-phase reaction, HILIC mode glycan purification columns or tips are required but not included in SialoCapper-ID Kit.

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