SampleStation and AuraSolution - Applications

SampleStation and AuraSolution: Automated Analysis Software for MALDI-8020

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Unleash your potential for automated MALDI-MS applications using SampleStation and AuraSolution

The flexibility of SampleStation / AuraSolution allows the software to be integrated into different MALDI-MS workflows, enabling automation of a range of MALDI-based applications.

Increase sample throughput and productivity by simply automating the analysis of samples prepared using your existing MALDI sample preparation protocols.






Adaptable to different applications: Analysis of IgA (~160 kDa)
using SampleStation and AuraSolution

Automated polymer analysis and export to third party data mining
software (Polymerix (Sierra Analytics))


AuraSolution and SampleStation are compatible with the Shimadzu MALDI-8020
benchtop linear MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer


Utilizing instrument features to reduce mismatch errors: integrated barcode reader
During insertion of a FlexiMass-DS MALDI slide into the instrument, the AuraSolution software uses the integrated barcode reader in the MALDI-8020 MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer to automatically retrieve and load the corresponding sample worklist. This approach acts as an additional safety mechanism to prevent mismatch errors between sample ID and analyzed results, providing a solution for laboratories where quality assurance is a priority.


Facilitates regulatory compliance
As mass spectrometry moves into clinical laboratories, the data security measures in place come under increased scrutiny from regulatory bodies†. As with SampleStation, user access to AuraSolution is password-protected and user accounts are controlled by a system administrator. For each experiment, an audit window indicates when the analysis was performed, which user ran the experiment and whether samples have been reanalyzed. Acquired data is stored in an SQL database and benefits
from the associated data security features designed to prevent deletion of data.

*SampleStation and AuraSolution are for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Password-protected user login provides peace of mind regarding data security. Only users with the correct permissions can unlock the application, thereby adding another layer of protection. In the example above, the application is locked and is under the ownership of user account ‘Technician2’.


Simplifying sample analysis - scan, load and run
The workflow has been designed with regulated laboratories in mind, where ‘simple’ equates to ‘safety’. The barcode of a FlexiMass-DS slide is automatically scanned during insertion into the MALDI-8020 instrument and displays the designated samples for
analysis. The user then loads the relevant acquisition parameters and clicks start.

The acquisition parameters are optimized and saved in the MALDI Solutions database via the Data Acquisition software for use by AuraSolution. This integration between the MALDI Solutions database, SampleStation-generated worklists and AuraSolution
offers a seamless solution for automated analysis.


Acquisition parameters optimized in MALDI Solutions Data Acquisition software can be directly loaded into AuraSolution.


SampleStation, FlexiMass, MALDI Solutions and AuraSolution are trademarks of Kratos Analytical Ltd.