The functions and performance of outdated testing machines can be improved by changing the controller.

Shimadzu Universal Testing Machine

Retrofit Applicable Models
Shimadzu Universal Testing Machines
Models: AG-D, AG-E, AG-G, AG-I, AG-IS, AG-IC, AG-X, AG-X plus

Detector Rating and Calibration Information Read Automatically

  • Setting of the rating and calibration are no longer required.
  • Testing can be conducted safely without mistakes when multiples cells or extensometers are used.

Safety Covers Can Be Added On

  • Adding on a safety cover with interlock prevents debris from broken specimens from flying outside the testing machine.

Auto-tuning Function

  • Pre-testing is not required during stress and strain control.
  • No more worries about control parameters

Test Force and Displacement Measurement and Range Setting No Longer Required. Zero Test Force Also Automatically Set

  • Measurement ranges no longer need to be checked before testing.
  • The test force auto-zero function ensures testing right away.
  • Graph scaling also is automatically switched.

Material Testing Operation Software TRAPEZIUMX-V

TRAPEZIUMX-V provides a variety of functions -- such as the industry-first data search and preview function, free layout report, visual wizard setting, quick panel and quick condition list -- so that a wide range of tests can be performed from simple test control through to complex user-defined test patterns. This software can also run on laptop computers.

General Precautions When Buying Retrofit Products

  • The original testing machine stays as it is, so you cannot expect any improvements in performance.
  • Please check with use beforehand about the product already installed. This will sometimes require a preliminary visit by us.
  • Retrofits sometimes do not meet customers' expectations depending on the condition of the already installed product such as added on options and modifications.
  • During a retrofit, nonconformities are sometimes found in parts other than those covered by the retrofit. Additional fees will be charged in this case.
  • Also note that when retrofitting ultra micro hardness testers, the tester must be taken back to the factory for modification.

* Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.