TCR, TCL and TCE Series

 Various test devices are available for tensile, bending and compression testing in specific environments.


  • Refrigerator Thermostatic Chamber TCR Series
    Ideal for frequent low-temperature testing, as the temperature is reduced using a refrigerator. Models TCR-1 and TCR-2 accommodate different temperature ranges.
    Heating: Heater Cooling: Refrigerator
  • Gas Jet Type Thermostatic Chamber TCL Series
    Liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide is injected to lower the temperature. Offers colder testing environments than the refrigerator type.
    Heating: Heater; Cooling: Liquid nitrogen injection
  • Compact Thermostatic Chamber for Autograph Precision Universal Testing Machines TCE-N300A
    The temperature can be set, and the temperature data from the thermostatic chamber can be recorded, using TRAPEZIUM X-V software.
    With liquid nitrogen gas spray control, the low-temperature region can be controlled down to -70°C.
    The high-temperature region can be controlled up to 300 °C
Software window (TCE-N300A)

Software window (TCE-N300A)



Thermostatic Chambers

  • TCR-1 Single Refrigerator Thermostatic Chamber
  • TCR-2 Dual Refrigerator Thermostatic Chamber
  • TCL LN2 Injection Thermostatic Chamber
  • TCE LN2 Injection Thermostatic Chamber

Constant Temperature and Humidity Chamber

  • THC Refrigerator Type Constant Temperature and Humidity Chamber

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