Hydraulic Non-Shift Wedge Grips


  • Applicable for testing a wide variety of materials, including metals, plastics, lumber, and composites
  • Grips with maximum capacity up to 250 kN (55,000 lbf)
  • To minimize specimen slippage, a constant clamping force is applied by hydraulic action
  • Grip operator switch box enables one-touch chucking of specimens
  • Compatible with a comprehensive selection of grip faces for testing rods, wires, materials with high hardness, and composite materials

Relevant Materials:
Plastics, Metals, Lumber, Composites

Relevant Specimens:
Plates, Rods, Wires


Hydraulic non-shift wedge grips combine the benefits of a strong, consistent clamping force with an open-front, wedge design and are ideal for tensile testing plastics, metals, lumber, and composites.

Grip kits include upper and lower grips, file-teeth grip faces for flat specimens, an initial load prevention unit, and a hydraulic unit. The hydraulic unit comes with a grip operator switch box, uses an AC 3-phase 200 V, 2.5 W power source, has a maximum pressure of 21 MPa (214 kg/cm2, 3,046 psi), and requires cooling water, a supply of 10 L/min.

The initial test force prevention unit removes the initial force as it is created during clamping of the specimen. It is necessary for hydraulic non-shift wedge grips because the clamping force is strong.

When ordering, grip kits should be matched to both the maximum capacity of the universal tester and the maximum capacity of the grips.

Additional grip faces, such as for rods, wires, materials with high hardness, and composite materials, can be found in the document on Grip Faces for Hydraulic Non-Shift Wedge Grips.

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