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Real-Time Strain View

Optional Software for the TRViewX Non-Contact Digital Video Extensometer

Grid marks applied to the surface of the sample are compared before and after deformation of the object,enabling real-time 2D mapping of the strain distribution.
Operations are performed seamlessly using the TRViewX software.
The strain data can be saved in CSV format, allowing import into simulation software.

1. Displays the Strain Distribution in Real Time

  • Real-time display!
  • The strain distribution can be observed together with the stress-strain curve.
  • Strain behavior can be determined while controlling the strain rate.

2. Simple, Seamless Operations

  • Simple operations completely linked to TRAPEZIUM™ X-V software.
  • Strain images at specified points on the curve can be displayed.
  • Reports incorporating strain images can be created.

3. Saves Strain Values in CSV Format

  • Capable of export to simulation software.

Example of Plastic Measurements


Example of Open-Hole CFRP Plate Measurements



Real-Time Strain View
Item Specifications
Frame rate for strain distribution calculations Real time:3 fps
Recalculation after testing:15 fps
Available lens type Field of view 120 mm or 240 mm
Compatible image sizes Standard size only
Operating environment Temperature: 5℃ to 35℃
Humidity: 20 to 80%
*Measurement in temperature-controlled environmental chamber is not supported.

Note 1: Two A3 sized grid stickers are provided as standard.
Note 2: The strain distribution calculation results are reference values.

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