Fully Automatic Rubber Tensile Testing System

Compactly Integrating Functions Required for Quality Control of Rubber Shimadzu Fully-Automatic Tensile Testing System This system provides full automation, from measurement of specimen dimensions, supply to the testing machine, and fixing of chucks to measurement of extension between standard lines and data processing. The system can be used for continuous nighttime testing, which helps save labor costs.


  • 59 - DPiMS-2020
    • The system complies with JIS K6301 and K6251 standards for rubber and equipped with 100 % elongation compatible extensometer.
    • With the pallet system used for storing specimens (max. 120 specimens), it can realize Automatic 3-point thickness measurement matched to test material.
    • By means of JIS-compliant dedicated data processing software, an operator friendly testing procedure can be achieved.


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