inspeXio SMX-225CT FPD HR Plus - Features

Microfocus X-Ray CT System

High-Resolution CT Image

Maximum 14 Megapixel Input Resolution

The large high-resolution flat panel detector achieves an offset scan input resolution of up to 14 megapixel.

Low-Resolution Transmission Image (1,000,000 pixels)


Low-Resolution Transmission Image (1,000,000 pixels)


High-Resolution Transmission Image


High-Resolution Transmission Image


512 x 512 Pixel Cross-Sectional Image
Low-Resolution Cross-Sectional Image
4096 x 4096 Pixel Cross-Sectional Image
High-Resolution Cross-Sectional Image(14 Megapixel Input Resolution)

4,096 × 4,096 Pixel Cone-Beam CT Reconstruction

Supporting cone-beam CT reconstruction with an ultra-high resolution of 4,096 × 4,096 pixels, the system can fully utilize the performance of the high-resolution X-ray detector.

High-Contrast CT Image

Improvements to the Shimadzu-made microfocus X-ray generator and the sensitivity characteristics of the state-of-the-art flat panel detector enable unprecedented high output and image contrast.

High-Contrast Detector with Wide Dynamic Range

Cesium iodide (CsI), which has excellent sensitivity characteristics in the long wavelength region, is employed as the scintillator material.
The use of carbon (C) for the detector window material enables imaging on low-density materials. Furthermore, the wide dynamic range (16-bits) enables small contrast differences to be displayed.

Improved X-Ray Generator

The Shimadzu-made microfocus X-ray generator unit now includes a newly developed irradiation window. Due to the larger proportion of soft X-rays in the X-ray output, it offers significantly improved contrast when scanning low-density materials that easily transmit X-rays.

Comparison of Transmission Images from Non-Woven Fabric

Previous Transmission Image
Previous Cross-Sectional Image
New System Transmission Image
New System Cross-Sectional Image

Easy and Fast CT Scan

In addition to the automated CT scanning function, which relieves the operator from having to specify parameter settings, the system also includes an improved version of the HPC inspeXio ver. 3.0 high-performance computing system, providing 50 times faster processing speeds.

Intuitive User Interface

The new user interface features a simpler arrangement for intuitive operation.

Main System Window

Displays the stage position, scan field of view, equivalent voxel length, and other information in real time, making (the yellow box),it easy to scan images with the specified resolution and field-of-view size.

Main System Window

MPR Window

Displays slice, oblique, and double-oblique images, enabling the easy observation of cross-sections.

MPR Window

Automated CT Scanning Function ANALYTICAL INTELLIGENCE

The new automated CT scanning function enables scan parameters to be specified easily.

Simply select the material, the desired CT image resolution, and the contrast level, and the system automatically optimizes the CT scanning parameter settings accordingly.

Automated CT Scanning Function

HPC inspeXio High-Performance Computing System ver. 3.0

The new HPC inspeXio high-performance computing system is around 50 times faster* than the previous version.

* When the fast acquisition mode is configured and the CT image size is set to 1,024 × 1,024 pixels

HPCinspeXio ver. 3.0

Even Faster 2,048 × 2,048 Pixel Cone-Beam CT Reconstruction

The high-performance computing system is updated. The processing time for 2,048 × 2,048 pixels Cone-Beam CT reconstruction* is around 1.5 times faster than the previous version.

* Setting conditions: “Clear”, 1200View, full scan, AUTO scaling factor, reconfiguration (2,048 × 2,048 pixels)

Obtain CT Images in Three Easy Steps

No calibration process is necessary before scanning. Scans can be started immediately after sample placement.

Obtain CT Images in Three Easy Steps

3D CT Scan Region Display Function 

As the CT stage moves, the corresponding CT scan region is displayed, overlaid in realtime on the MPR display.
Based on the previous CT scan image, additional CT scans for areas of interest can be obtained.

3D CT Scan Region Display Function

Advanced 3D image Reconstruction

Advanced 3D image Reconstruction

It is possible to enlarge only the focused areas in images once acquired and perform the reconstruction calculation. High-magnification cross-sectional images can be obtained even in the works that enlargement ratio is difficult to be improved. Equipped with a high-resolution flat panel detector, clear cross-sectional images can be obtained even when performing reconstruction. It is not necessary to perform the CT scanning once again when performing reconstruction only.

Unique Functions

  • Extended Filament Lifetime
    The expected lifetime of filament is extended by 2.5 times by automatically adjusting the current value.
  • Acquisition Mode Switching Function
    Long or short scan times can be specified by combining acquisition mode and exposure time settings.
  • Anti-Pinch Prevention Mechanism
    A finger-pinch prevention mechanism is provided to prevent accidents when closing the sliding door.
  • Door Interlock Mechanism
    The sliding door is equipped with redundant interlock circuits. These ensure X-rays are never emitted when the sliding door is open. In addition, these stop the CT stage from moving when the sliding door is open..
  • CR Scan 
    Computed radiography (CR) can be used to obtain transmission images without distortion in the CT-Z direction by acquiring data only along the vertical center line of the X-ray detector while moving the CT-Z axis vertically.Computed radiography
  • DICOM Conversion Function
    CT Image data can be converted to the DICOM format, which is the world standard for medical imaging. Consequently, this function is essential for analyzing data with medical image analysis software.
  • Collision Sensor
    The expected lifetime of filament is extended by 2.5 times by automatically adjusting the current value.
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