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Microfocus X-Ray CT System

Optional Module

Optional Module “Core Boost”NEW!!

“Core Boost” is an optional module that extends the 2 functions, “Boost Reconstruction” and “ROI Reconstruction”, to the control software for the inspeXio SMX-225 CT FPD HR, inspecXio64.

Boost ReconstructionNEW!!

Boost Reconstruction Function is an image reconstruction calculation process that uses our proprietary high-speed calculation technology for image reconstruction calculation processing of high-pixel CT images to achieve even higher speed.

Faster image reconstruction at 2048 × 2048 pixels or 4096 × 4096 pixels.

boost reconstruction


ROI ReconstructionNEW!!

ROI Reconstruction Function is an image reconstruction calculation process that uses our unique ROI reconstruction technology to improve the image quality of data taken when a part of a workpiece protrudes (truncates) from the left and right sides of an X-ray uoroscopic image during CT imaging. This reduces shading artifacts that traditionally occur from the truncation to the entire image, making it easier to analyze with image processing software.

ROI reconstruction



Metal Artifact Reduction Software

The Metal Artifact Reduction Software is a reconstruction software program used to reduce metal artifacts in the cross-sectional images acquired using Shimadzu’s micro-focus X-ray computed tomography system, inspeXio SMX-225CT FPD HR Plus. This software allows for easier and more accurate analyses in the cross-sectional images.


2D Image Processing Software

(Smart Vision Corporation)

This two dimensional image processing software enables sophisticated image processing. Various image processing such as dimension measurement and filtering is possible for transmission images and cross-sectional images.

VGStudio MAX

3D Image Processing Software

(Volume Graphics GmbH)

This is an extended version of VGStudio. Extended functionality includes animation creation (rotation, truncating, and viewpoint movement), measurement of length, angle, minimum distance, histogram, volume, surface area, void ratio, ROI extraction, image filtering, and multiple 3D image alignment

Polygon editing software

UEL CorporationUEL Corporation

POLYGONALmeister is a polygon editing software which solves various problems such as noise and artifacts with polygon data produced by measuring the surface of objects, and reduces data size. It is effective when using measurement data in design / analysis / 3D printing etc.

The results of the integrated research program with RIKEN are utilized.

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