Xslicer SMX-6010 - Specs

Microfocus X-Ray Inspection System

Optional Software

Optional Software

Voxel Analysis and
Visualization Software

The VGSTUDIO sof tware uses the volume rendering (VR) technique to display three-dimensional images from cross-section images obtained using X-ray CT imaging. It includes functionality for creating basic animation and simple measurements.

Size Layout and Dimensions (units: mm)

Size Layout and Dimensions (units: mm)



Xslicer SMX-6010

Spatial Resolution

1 µm (JIMA chart resolution)

Maximum sample size

470 × 420 × 100 mm, max. 5 kg

Fluoroscopic Inspection Stroke

X: 460 mm, Y: 410 mm, Z: 100 mm, ±180° rotation, 60° tilt

CT Scan Range

X: 350 mm, Y: 350 mm

Laminographic Angle (CT Scan Angle)

45° or 60°

X-Ray Output

Max. tube voltage: 160 kV, Max. tube current: 100 µA, Rated Output: 16 W


Flat panel detector

Fluoroscopy FOV (on Carbon Plate)

0.75 mm (vertical) × 1.3 mm (horizontal) to 21 mm (vertical) × 38 mm (horizontal)

CT FOV (on Carbon Plate)

3 to 30 mm (given 45° laminographic angle) / 3 to 14 mm (given 60° laminographic angle)

Power Requirements

200 V AC ± 10 %, 1.5 kVA (ground resistance 100 Ω max.)


Approx. 2,450 kg

Operating Environment Conditions

Ambient temperature: 15 to 30 ℃, Ambient humidity: 35 to 80 % (no condensation)

External Leakage Dose

1 µSv/h max.

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