Xslicer SMX-6010

Microfocus X-Ray Inspection System

Xslicer SMX-6010

Xslicer SMX-6010 is a planer X-ray inspection system, featuring a micro-focus X-ray generator and a 3 megapixel flat panel detector.
It delivers high-accuracy images with a wide dynamic range that enable detailed observations of internal structures and defects.
In addition, the system switches smoothly between fluoroscopy and Computed Tomography (CT), enabling a variety of observations matched to the shape of the sample.
This supports the inspection of various samples ranging from electronic parts with improved miniaturization to mounted boards with advances in high-density multilayer design.


Types and Features of CT Imaging

 Planer CT (PCT): This function is included as standard.

CT imaging is performed by tilting the X-ray detector to a certain inclination, rotating it, and then capturing uoroscopic images.
The sample on the XY stage can approach the X-ray generator, so enlarged PCT images can be captured regardless of the sample

Planer CT

 Features of Planer CT (PCT)

For samples like circuit boards with planer CT, images with a high magnification can be obtained, unlike with Vertical CT, which is affected by the width of the sample.

Observation Examples

 Vertical CT (VCT): Optionally available


CT imaging is performed by fastening the X-ray detector upwards, rotating the sample, and capturing fluoroscopic images.
Enlargement depends on the width of the sample, but images can be
captured vertically with respect to the X-ray emission direction.
VCT images can be captured simply by placing the CT unit on the
fluoroscopic stage, and switching the software tab.


PCB: 100 × 150 mm max.
Small sample objects: Dia 50 × 100 mm max.

Even for the sizes listed above, special chucks or other jigs might be needed depending on the size of the sample and the imaging position.

Weight 200 g max.


 *Teaching Function and Stepwise Movement are not available when the VCT option is used.

 Features of Vertical CT (VCT)

With PCT, image reconstruction is based on the images captured in the direction of tilt, so there is a slight impact on the vertical-section images.
With VCT, images are captured vertically with respect to the X-ray emission direction, enabling clear vertical-section images.

vct picture

System Configuration

 An easy-to-maintain
Shimadzu X-ray generator and various safety mechanisms
reduce costs and ensure safe use.

X-Ray Generator

The Xslicer SMX-6010 features a160-kV open tube and can resolve down to 1 micron.
Due to the integrated high-voltage transformer, no greasing is necessary.
The filament replacement process is simplified by automatic adjustments.
Note: 1 µm resolution by JIMA chart analysis.


X-Ray Detector

X-Ray Detector

Equipped with a 3 megapixel flat panel detector.


Five-Axis Stage

In addition to the X, Y, and Z axes of the sample stage, the detector tilts and rotates.
Five-axis movement supports inspections from any angle.

X-Ray Shield Box

The X-rays are well shielded. (Maximum 1 Sv/h external X-ray leakage)
The front door lock mechanism prevents the front door from opening during X-ray emission.
The interlock mechanism also disables movement of the 5-axis stage when the door is open.


Collision Sensor

A collision sensor is provided around the X-ray detector to stop the Stage in the event of an emergency (a collision with the sample).



System operation requires only the following: 200 V AC ± 10 %, 1.5 kVA (ground resistance 100 Ω max.) There is no need to provide air or cooling water.


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