SPM-8100FM - Options

High-Resolution Scanning Probe Microscope

Optional Products

30 μm Scanner

Used for observation in a wide range.
X·Y: 30 μm Z: 5 μm

Fiber Light

Used to provide angled illumination in addition to standard coaxial incident illumination.

Petri Dish Type Solution Cell

Used for observation in liquid.
The dedicated cantilever holder is included.

Air-Cushioned Vibration Damper

This is a floor-type passive vibration damper.
It requires a compressed air source.

Active Vibration Damper

This is a table-top active vibration damper.
It only requires a power supply to function.

Active Vibration Damper with Dedicated Stand

This is the active vibration damper unit combined as a set with a matching dedicated stand.

Office Equipment Table

This table is for data processing equipment.
A vertically oriented model is also available.

Particle Analysis Software

Extracts multiple particles from image data and calculates characteristic values for each particle.

Static Eliminator

This is used to eliminate static charge
from samples or cantilevers.