DSC-60 Plus Series - Options

Differential Scanning Calorimeter

DSC-60 Plus series automatic cooling attachment (only for DSC models)

The DSC-60 Plus Series can use the "liquid nitrogen cooling type TAC-60L" or "electric cooling type TAC-60i" as "attachments for low-temperature (cooled) measurement".

Cooling Options


  • Electric cooling that does not require refrigerant
  • Enables DSC measurement over the temperature range of -50 to 500°C


  • Liquid nitrogen cooling
  • Enables DSC measurement over the temperature range of -130 to 500°C

Flow controller FC-60A (for all thermal analyzers)

The FC-60A flow controller is used to control the flow rate of atmosphere gases (of two channels). Since the gas ON/OFF control is performed according to a temperature program, the atmosphere can be automatically changed during a measurement.


Primary pressure 0.6MPa max.
Flow rate PURGE side: 0~500ml/min (calibrated for N2)
DRY side: 0~500ml/min (calibrated for N2)
Flow line PURGE: 2 IN, 1 OUT
DRY: 1 IN, 1 OUT
Size and weight W 180 × D 200 × H 90mm, approx. 3kg
Power supply 90~130V AC or 210~230 V AC, 100VA

Sample Sealing Crimp Press

Samples are prepared with various types of pans for Shimadzu thermal analyzers by using the SSCP-1 in combination with the attachment specifically for the pan to be used (sold separately).


Pan to Be Used P/N Description
*1 201-52943
   Al crimp pans
222-13053-91 Crimp attachment
*2 346-66963-91
   Al crimp pans
222-12821-91 Crimp attachment
(for autosampler)
*3 201-53090
   Al hermetic pans
222-12826-91 Hermetic attachment
*4 222-13175-94
   Ag hermetic pans
222-12826-92 Ag hermetic attachment
*5 346-68518-91
   Al hermetic pans
   (for the DSC )
222-12809-91 Hermetic attachment
(for the DSC autosampler)
*6 346-68796-91
   Al hermetic pans
   (for the DTG)
222-12804-91 Hermetic attachment
(for the DSC autosampler)
*7 222-13073-91
   Al pressure-proof pans
222-12915-91 Al pressure-proof pans

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