ASI-V Autosampler

Enhanced features and convenience with easier operation

Combining the ASI-V automatic sampler with a TOC-V Series analyzer (except TOC-VE) creates a fully automatic analysis system.


- Three sample vial capacities are available. Select the sample vial and sample rack to suit the analyzed sample.

   - 24 mL vials x 93

   - 40 mL vials x 68

   - 125 mL vials x 24

- All three vial types have a well sealed septum that can be easily replaced with the screw cap.

- The sampling needle is optimized for sample extraction from highly-sealed vials and for sparging.

- Changing analysis conditions or adding sample vials during analysis is simple. System operation and carrier gas flow can be automatically stopped on completion of measurements.

- Creating multiple calibration curves and selecting the optimal curve for samples with significantly differing concentrations allows these samples to be analyzed in a single run.

- Rinsing both external and internal surfaces of the sampling needle prevents carryover between samples.

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