10 N and 50 N Clip Grips


  • Suitable for testing yarn and plastics
  • Available with 10 N (2.2 lbf) and 50N (11 lbf) maximum capacities
  • Quick, simple clamping

Relevant Materials:
Yarn, Plastics

Relevant Specimens:
Fibers, Tapes


Clip grips are easy-to-use and applicable for low force tensile testing of materials such as yarn and plastics. Both 10 N (2.2 lbf) and 50 N (11 lbf) clip grips have flat metal grip faces.

The 10 N clip grip kit includes upper and lower grips and upper grip connections compatible with AG-X plus series 5 kN (1,100 lbf) and lower load cells. The lower grips couple directly to the lower joint of the universal tester. When using the 10 N clip grips with AGS-X series and EZ-X series load cells, additional load cell connections are required for the upper grip.

The 50 N clip grip set includes upper and lower grips with flat grip faces. The upper grip connects with load cells through conventional 50 N universal joints.


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