5 kN Wedge Grips for Metal Specimens


  • Specifically designed for testing thin metal plates and metal wires
  • Grips have a maximum capacity of 5 kN (1,100 lbf)
  • The wedge design enables quick exchange of specimens and applies a self-tightening action during testing
  • Available with integrated parallel-grooved or embedded cross file-teeth grip faces
  • Includes clamping tension adjustment via a spring mechanism

Relevant Materials:

Relevant Specimens:
Plates, Wires


These easily-operated wedge grips are for tensile testing thin metal plates and metal wires. Although these grips don't benefit from the stationary grip face feature of non-shift wedge grips, they still incorporate a wedge design, where the grip faces press against the wedged frame during testing, applying a self-tightening action to hold the specimen firmly in place.

There are two grip sets for 5 kN (1,100 lbf) wedge grips for metal specimens. Both grip sets include upper and lower grips. The difference between the two grip sets is one includes integrated parallel-groove grip faces whereas the other has embedded cross file-teeth grip faces. The grip faces are available separately, and can be interchanged with relative ease.


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