Drill Chuck Grips


  • Specifically for testing metal plates, rods and wires and electronic components
  • Two types of grips: drill chuck grips for rods and drill chuck grips for flat specimens
  • Models with maximum capacity up to 100 kN (22,00 lbf)
  • Simple specimen mounting procedure

Relevant Materials:
Metals, Electronic Components

Relevant Specimens:
Plates, Rods, Wires


Metal rods, wires, and plates and electronic components can be tensile tested using drill chuck grips. Electronic components are tested by placing the metal legs of the components in the grips, allowing different shaped components to be tested with the same set of grips.

Two different drill chuck grip sets, one for rods and the other for flat specimens, are available. Grip sets include upper and lower grips and a chuck key. Within each category of drill chuck grips, different capacity grips are available.

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