Pin Grips for Flat Specimens


  • Designed for tensile testing of hard metal plates that are difficult to grip using more common grips
  • Models with maximum capacity up of 10 kN (4,400 lbf), 50 kN (11,000 lbf), and 100 kN (22,000 lbf)
  • Specimens are held within the grips by passing pins through holes in the specimens
  • Includes adjustment screws, or bushes, that center different thickness specimens

Relevant Materials:
Metals, Ceramics

Relevant Specimens:


Pin grips are very user friendly and are designed for conducting tensile tests of hard metal plate specimens that are difficult to grip. Specimens are held within the grips by passing pins through holes in the specimens.

A beneficial feature of these grips is different specimen thicknesses can be accommodated because of the incorporation of specimen thickness adjustment screws, or bushes, which position the specimen at the center of the grips.

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