Keyboard Compression Test Jig


  • Uses a 30 mm (1.2 in) compression plate to compress keys on keyboards
  • Compatible with 50 N (11 lbf) to 10 kN (2,200 lbf) AG-X plus series and AGS-X series load cells
  • Keyboard holder includes micrometers to align keys with the compression plate
  • 100 N (22 lbf) maximum capacity

Relevant Materials:


This test jig is used for compression testing keys on computer keyboards. The keyboard compression test jig includes a 30 mm (1.2 in) compression plate, a keyboard holder, and a compression and bending loading jig. It should be ordered according to the capacity of the load cell with which it will be used. Compatible load cells are AG-X plus series and AGS-X series load cells with a maximum capacity from 50 N (11 lbf) to 10 kN (2,200 lbf).

The keyboard is clamped into a holder attached to the table of the universal tester. This holder is designed with micrometers to move the keyboard in the x- and y-directions aligning the keys with the compression plate.

This keyboard compression test jig cannot be installed on universal testers with safety covers attached.


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