500 N Screw Flat Grips


  • Suitable for tensile testing rubbers, plastics, textiles, cloth, and paper
  • Quick and simple specimen clamping
  • Compatible with AGS-X series and EZ-X series low-capacity load cells

Relevant Materials:
Rubber, Plastics, Textiles, Cloth, Paper

Relevant Specimens:
Films, Plates


500 N (110 lbf) screw flat grips are for use with low-capacity AGS-X series and EZ-X series load cells and come with flat grip faces. Similar to standard screw flat grips, these grips are versatile and are used for static tensile testing a wide range of materials, including rubbers, plastics, textiles, cloth, and paper, in film form.

These grips are available as a grip set containing upper and lower grips or containing only an upper grip. The upper grip screws directly into the load cell and is compatible with AGS-X series 5 N (1.1 lbf) to 100 N (22 lbf) load cells and EZ-X series 5 N to 500 N load cells. Compatibility with larger-capacity load cells requires additional coupling joints. The lower grip fits into the lower joint of the universal tester.


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